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    Connected TV

    Programmatic CTV Ad Spend Will Increase by 39.2% in 2022

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    Programmatic CTV Ad Spend Will Increase by 39.2% in 2022

    3 Min Read

    Over the last year, Connected TV has continued to grow in popularity for programmatic ad budgets, jumping in ad spend by a whopping 82.4%. And in 2022, this channel will account for more than one-fifth of total programmatic video ad spending, an increase of 39.2%. This is according to a new article by eMarketer, which found that while mobile is still the top channel for total programmatic ad spend, Connected TV has been eating away at the share of video programmatic. In fact, eMarketer had to raise their overall 2022 programmatic video spending predictions by $4.08 billion, and largely attributes that increase to CTV.

    Over the last year, Connected TV has continued to grow in popularity for programmatic ad budgets, jPart of the reason for this rise in programmatic advertising spend is the growing amount of CTV inventory. As more consumers spent time with streaming video during the pandemic, more media companies invested in this channel—in fact, the number of CTV apps selling ads programmatically increased 71% YOY in 2021. Efficiency in buying, precise targeting capabilities, and loads of data for campaign optimization were also among the top reasons video advertisers said they are investing in programmatic CTV. Not to mention that 44% of respondents in an Advertiser Perceptions study stated that buying CTV programmatically made it easier to achieve scale. Ultimately, it’s looking like programmatic CTV will continue to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future.

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