Segments vs. Personas, CTV Brand Recall, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Segments vs. Personas, CTV Brand Recall, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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As we head into the last couple weeks of the year, it can be especially important to stay on top of the big marketing stories heading into the new year. Luckily, we created this roundup to make it easier to see it all in one place.

In digital marketing news, Adweek has some advice for marketers looking to better communicate with prospective and returning customers. With targeting technology becoming more advanced than ever, brands need to make sure that they are selective about how they approach presenting advertisements to consumers. Adweek recommends starting with segmentation, which helps to pin down customers in a segment based on the average attributes of their assigned group. But that’s not enough—segmentation can quickly become inaccurate for many of the individuals in each group. After all, every consumer is unique. That’s why Adweek suggests that marketers look into adopting personas instead. Personas are easy to update, and each target’s dominant characteristics are identified through side-by-side comparisons. This makes them ready for multichannel marketing, as they can be used for both inbound and outbound channels.

And in Connected TV news, a new survey from ad platform tvScientific has found that the majority of consumers say they watch video on CTVs more than any other platforms. According to the report, “How CTV Advertising Powers The Performance TV Revolution,” 50.4% of consumers watch streaming video content on their CTV devices (which is more than all other digital viewing options combined). The survey also found that video advertising is more effective on Connected TV than through other channels. In terms of brand recall, 46% of consumers said TV and streaming ads are the most memorable, compared to 33% brand recall for social media ads. This is good news for advertisers running omnichannel marketing campaigns that include CTV—78% of consumers use a mobile device while watching television, and 31% said they used that device to research or purchase the products they see advertised. 

To see the rest of the articles that caught our attention this week, keep reading below. 


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Paramount+ Rolling Out Live Programming Channels – Paramount+ is rolling out live programming channels on its service, which will give paid subscribers the option to watch shows just like they would on linear TV. 

How FuboTV is Working to Solve Advertiser Identity Issues – The CTV platform has shored up its offering through a partnership with Dentsu and by acquiring an AI company.

Survey Finds Brand Recall on Connected TV Ads is Better than Social Media – A new survey from tvScientific finds that connected TV viewing is now the dominant way to watch programming and that ads on connected TVs are more effective 

What’s Next for CTV Testing and Performance in 2022? – With over 82% of all U.S. households having at least one CTV device, and $27.5B in CTV ad spend projected by 2025, serious advertisers know that the platform is now an essential performance marketing channel for driving engagement, acquisitions, and revenue. 

Roku and YouTube End Standoff, YouTube TV Back on Platform – Roku and Google have finally settled their months-long disagreement, coming to a long-term carriage deal for both YouTube and YouTube TV on the connected TV platform


E-Commerce Mobile Apps Acclimated to the New Normal in 2021 – The boom of online shopping as a consequence of the pandemic has forced brands to rapidly change their marketing strategies, especially on mobile

Upstream Reports Mobile Marketing Platform Reveals ‘Megatrends’ Fuelling Future Growth – Leading mobile marketing firm Upstream has outlined its strategy for the coming years, which will focus on capitalizing on mobile’s growing share of overall marketing spend with a unique platform offering.

Bank Mobile Marketing Demands Sharper Focus on Message & Audience – Selling financial products on mobile screens continues to be one of the major digital challenges for bank marketers. Yet it’s a challenge that institutions can’t afford not to excel at, because the smartphone is increasingly becoming where banking relationships begin. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.