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Streaming Accounts for Nearly 30% of Total TV Viewing Time

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Streaming Accounts for Nearly 30% of Total TV Viewing Time

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TV viewers are spending more time streaming than ever before, according to recent data from Nielsen’s The Gauge. Audiences spent nearly 30% of their total TV time watching Connected TV video content, a full share point over February. Nielsen attributes this rise in viewing time to the end of professional football and the Olympics, which helped to raise broadband viewing time during the fall and winter. While total time spent with TV content did decline slightly overall in March (around 4.2%), this tracks with the normal drop in screen time that occurs as the weather heats up and consumers spend more time outside. 

This rise in streaming behavior is good news for advertisers looking to take advantage of the growing channel this year. A recent study from Magnite found that consumer attitudes towards streaming ads are positive overall. 53% of those surveyed reported that they discovered new products as a result of streaming ads, and 48% of survey respondents said they were open to watching streaming ads to get access to quality content. Ultimately, it looks like this year advertisers have an opportunity to capitalize on increased consumer interest in streaming, and their willingness to watch ad-supported channels.

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