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Streaming Ad Spend Will Surpass Linear by 2025

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Streaming Ad Spend Will Surpass Linear by 2025

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As more and more consumers make the switch from linear to streaming, it looks like advertisers will follow suit. According to a report from TVREV, “FASTs Are the New Cable Part 2: Advertising,” we can expect ad spend on streaming to surpass that of linear TV by 2025—and by 2027, streaming will account for 68% of ad spend on television ($69 billion out of the total $101 billion expected TV ad spend). 

Consumer concerns over the uncertain state of the economy are also increasingly driving them to seek out content on free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), and it looks like these platforms in particular will begin to see more ad dollars over the next few years. By 2025, FASTs are expected to surpass cable, broadcast or SVOD services when it comes to ad spend. By the end of the source’s forecast period in 2027, FASTs will reach a whopping $42.6 billion, or 42% of total TV ad spend, as compared to SVOD’s expected 26% of ad spend, cable’s 19%, and broadcast’s 13%.

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