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The Future of Digital Advertising is TV

We’re talking shop with the entertainment industry and marketing greats at our Variety Streaming Room event. Here’s what you can expect.

The Future of Digital Advertising is TV

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What does the Golden Age of Television look like? MNTN CEO Mark Douglas summed it up nicely, “The idea is to bring performance into the world of television and democratize ad-support streaming for all brands, as TV [was] traditionally the exclusive domain of large, traditional advertisers.” In other words, television is beyond simply a form of entertainment – it’s an avenue to support brands of all sizes and industries  who want to reach their audience in a powerful and meaningful way. We’ll explore this very topic further with Douglas, alongside a panel of industry experts from Roku, ViacomCBS, Univision and A&E Networks at Variety’s Streaming Room virtual event on Tuesday November 30th at 12.30 PM ET /9.30 AM PT. Click here to register your spot, or via the thumbnail below.

Connected TV advertising: The Golden Age of TV Advertising in an OTT-First Future

TV Advertising Still Looks and Feels the Same…Or Does It?

Sure, the format is the same – but the similarities end there. Playing the game of spot the difference isn’t so hard between traditional television advertising and Connected TV counterparts. Firstly, since Connected TV is accessed via internet connection, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for advertisers across targeting, premium inventory, measurement, reporting and more. Connected TV advertisements are served in a non-skippable format – this helps to drive user engagement, video completion rate and brand memorability. But that’s only the start of how it helps brands. It also bridges the gap between performance and brand marketing as a ‘one-stop solution’ as we explored further in our recently launched report with Digiday. Need some help distilling these concepts in under two minutes? Our Getting Started video has all the answers.

The industry at large has recognized that Connected TV viewers are “the new majority,” according to research that revealed there are more than 87 Million ad-supported Connected TV households. Meanwhile, eMarketer projects that cable and satellite households are fizzling and anticipated to decline to about 70 million by 2022. The Connected TV industry is split into two ‘camps’ of ad-supported and non ad-supported (think Netflix) networks…can you guess which one is most popular with viewers? Ad-supported content is the clear winner, with nine out of 10 Connected TV viewers tuning in, up from four out of five in 2020.

On-Demand Viewing Demands a Nimbler Approach to TV Advertising

Connected TV hasn’t just changed the digital advertising landscape – it’s facilitated on-demand viewing like no other. Unlike linear TV, now viewers dictate the terms of when and where they watch, and this behavior will shape the future of TV as we know it. Advertisers who don’t catch onto this quickly, will stand to lose. Connected TV advertising platforms like MNTN Performance TV, were engineered to reach these on-demand viewers wherever they are – whether that be on television and on the other internet-connected devices in their household.

Let’s also reframe that thinking of ‘on-demand’ – it applies as much to the advertiser as it does the end consumer. Television advertising has often been thought of as a channel that requires deep pockets, a stretched out lead and production time – but in many ways, the advent of Connected TV advertising flips that idea on its head. It welcomed new entrants into the market to help brands get their CTV campaigns up ASAP, like video-as-a-service platform QuickFrame (they can get ads produced and running in a matter of days). Additionally, the techstack platforms that support Connected TV advertising work in the same way as other digital advertising channels like search or social. Simply upload your ad creative, set your targeting and campaign parameters and hit launch. The future of television advertising is here and it’s turnkey. Don’t forget to register and learn what Connected TV can do for your brand – now and into the future.