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Three Major Pieces That Bring Connected TV Advertising to Life

All good things come in three. Here’s what makes Connected TV ads worth watching.

Three Major Pieces That Bring Connected TV Advertising to Life

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If someone asked you about the number of television ads that you saw on a given day, how likely would it be that you would remember them? And for the ones that you did remember—what was it about the ad that made it particularly memorable? The ‘Rule of Seven’ suggests that prospects will need to see your message at least seven times before even considering your offer, and that advertisers will need to use different platforms and channels to get the message in order to turn that consideration into a conversion. Connected TV advertising, especially MNTN Performance TV, was built to mirror this customer behavior, and support advertisers along the whole customer funnel. Here are the three main reasons why viewers and advertisers alike won’t want to skip over a Connected TV ad.

Connected TV Advertising—The Ad Length Sweet Spot

There’s no long or short about it—what’s the right Connected TV length? According to a study by TVision, there isn’t much difference in ad attention between 15, 30, and 60-second ads. In fact, the study found that approximately a third of CTV viewers paid attention no matter the length of the ad they watched. This may come as no surprise—after all 47% of the value of a video campaign is delivered within the first 3 seconds. Of course, even anything less than 30 seconds – like a 15 second ad – will appeal to users who have a habit of ad-skipping, which isn’t a problem since our Connected TV ads are non-skippable by default. These ads contain “surprise value” – think of them as a playful teaser that is more digestible and compatible with those waning attention spans. Overall though, no matter the length of your ad, make sure it is creative, memorable and engaging enough to entice the viewer to learn more and take action along the entire sales funnel. This could mean either conducting more research on your brand or service, evaluating options or making a purchase online or in store.

Switching to the Right Channels, Everytime

Channels—you mean, TV channels, right? We’re referring to both TV networks and other digital marketing platforms (more on that shortly). MNTN Performance TV pairs your Connected TV with the right TV networks, and we’ve made sure to eliminate any risk of fraud or brand safety issues with a curated list of over 125+ premium networks to run your ad. Such top-tier networks include CNN, FOX, CNBC, Food Network, ESPN and more, so you can be guaranteed that your content will always have a safe haven. The whole process is built-off machine learning, which automates the decision making process by serving your ad on the right channel, to the right user, at the right time. 

What’s this about serving Connected TV ads on other channels (and this time we mean digital marketing platforms) though—doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of advertising on television? Being a platform rooted in performance, we did a lot of user research and customer behavior studies and found that TV is but only one part of the puzzle. Viewers are generally distracted with other devices while they’re on television with one survey finding that 68% use those devices to look up information related to the TV content and 71% are on social media while watching TV.

New Look, Same Great Taste

Keeping the themes of automation, performance and branding running strong, we elevated our solution offering to include Connected TV. Brands can now run ads on Connected TV—with the added benefit of automating the entire process so marketers can simply “plug and play” their campaign parameters such as timeline and budget and focus on driving performance. Here are some of the other features added to the platform to keep advertisers one step ahead:

  • Premium Content: Our Living Room Quality feature serves non-skippable 15 or 30 second ads across 125+ premium, handpicked networks only on Connected TV. We’re not talking about any old network either, but household brands like CNN, FOX, CNBC and Food Network. Such ads score an average 97% completion rate, which means viewers are truly engaged with this content.
  • Precise Targeting: Pinpoint your audience (or find new ones!) with MNTN Matched, the world’s first keyword-based audience builder for CTV, which lets advertisers match with the consumers who are most likely to buy their products.
  • Retarget Your Way: We always meet our customers where they are, whether that be on the desktop/laptop or their TV. Our TV retargeting solution enhances the overall ad experience by keeping your audience engaged across all channels, until the point of conversion on your website.
  • Transparent Tracking: This is where our performance solution really kicks into gear. Our Verified Visits™ proprietary attribution model monitors how, when and where your users are coming across your various touch points, down to the device that they’re using to interact with your brand. Our platform is also integrated with Google Analytics—an industry favorite—which pulls in this data and shows how your Connected TV ad is performing alongside your other marketing channels. This allows performance marketers to get a holistic view of their campaigns on a single dashboard, and then optimize accordingly for the best results.
  • Performance, Performance, Performance: A word so nice, we had to say it thrice! We funnel all of your performance data, tracking and marketing KPIs within a single user-interface, which gives advertisers a view into how their campaign is performing at every level and metric (around 900 of them—including ROAS, conversions, CPA, etc.). Our reporting capabilities puts traditional spreadsheets to shame, since you can tailor and customize reports to your liking.

Well, that’s one for the history books! Whether or not you’re a Connected TV advertising convert or a seasoned performance marketer well versed in all things CTV, welcome – we hope you’ll stay awhile.