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Who’s Your Audience? – New Year’s Resolution Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? – New Year’s Resolution Edition

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Who said New Year’s resolutions were only limited to fitness, health, money and career? We’re challenging advertisers to explore resolutions for their brand in the new year, and switching up their audience targeting is one low hanging fruit that can reap major results (among others. Check out this read for more ideas). Of course, if you want to talk about rehauling your strategy with minimum effort (or…with Maximum Effort) in 2022, there’s our newly launched CaaS™ offering, which is transforming advertising and the way marketers approach their creative and media buying, by throwing out old creative dynamics and giving marketers easy access to produce great TV creative without investing in anything but their media goals. Watch this space for more to come on this new development.

If you needed another reason to bring out the New Year’s resolution checklist for your brand, let this one be it. A New Year’s Financial Resolutions study conducted by Fidelity Investments’ revealed that those who made resolutions at the start of 2021 were more optimistic about the future than those who didn’t. Eighty-one percent of survey respondents who made resolutions say they will be better off financially in 2022, compared to 58% who didn’t. Need we say more? So, in true performance marketing fashion, let’s get this show on the road. Below are a few targeting segments that you can apply to your advertising campaigns to reach those 2022 goal-diggers. You can access these audiences and more through MNTN Performance TV’s partnership with LiveRamp and other data providers. From the MNTN team, we wish you all a successful new year.

Audience Name: New Year’s Celebrators

Audience Provider: Gravy Analytics

Why they’re valuable: Yes, New Year’s Resolution audience targeting lists are definitely a thing, but ever considered targeting those who ring in the new year, too?

Audience Name: Spring Cleaning

Audience Provider: Oracle

Why they’re valuable: We’re skipping ahead a few months here for a reason. Spring cleaning is synonymous with goal setting—a common thread with those resolution makers.

Audience Name: Frugal Socialites

Audience Provider: NinthDecimal

Why they’ve valuable: Fifty-five percent of people listed ‘save more money’ as their new year’s resolution—so why not target them based on this demographic?

Audience Name: Setting Goals

Audience Provider: Acxiom

Why they’re valuable: One common thread in new year’s resolutions are the types of people who make them—target these goal-oriented audiences with this catchall segment. 

Audience Name: StatSocial

Audience Provider: Self-Discipline

Why they’re valuable: Another trait of new year’s resolution makers is their ability to stick with their goals. And, with over 26 million of them represented in this audience, you’re bound to reach them whatever they’re watching.

Audience Name: New Years Resolution Makers

Audience Provider: Lotame

Why they’re valuable: This is one of the more common targeting segments, but you’ll have all of your bases covered—and then some—once you’ve combined this with the others listed above.

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