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Who’s Your Audience? President’s Day

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? President’s Day

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You might still be riding the high from yesterday’s Big Game, but we’re looking ahead to the next holiday just around the corner—President’s Day. Your campaigns might be ready to go or already live, but it’s never too late to add some more targeting to spice up a President’s Day sale. Plus, the more you experiment with different audience segments, the more you know about who is truly engaging with your messaging and brand. It’s a win-win, really. So, what do we know about this three-day weekend, besides the fact that we’re all looking forward to sleeping in on Monday?

Typically, a three-day weekend like President’s Day gives consumers more time for consideration and action, since big ticket retailers are likely to offer promotions and generous discounts on items like home goods, furniture, large appliances and more. And with inflation being a sore spot for many, you can bet that every dollar that can be saved, matters. Let’s take a look at some audience segments you can apply to your MNTN Performance TV campaigns—or some food for thought for the next long-weekend.

Audience Name: President’s Day

Audience Provider: Connexity

Why they’re valuable: All campaigns should at least have this audience segment in their targeting pool, as they’re actively on the hunt for items over the long weekend.

Audience Name: Online – Big Ticket Shopper

Audience Provider: MasterCard

Why they’re valuable: Being the first major holiday of the year, President’s Day is an ideal time to shop for big-ticket items like furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, TVs and more. 

Audience Name: Valentine’s Day Spenders

Audience Provider: Oracle

Why they’ve valuable: Yes, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but savvy shoppers know that delayed gratification wins hearts. With inflationary pressures making us think twice about buying full price, it makes sense that consumers are waiting for President’s Day discounts to shop up.

Audience Name: Mattress Firm Buyer Propensity

Audience Provider: Alliant

Why they’re valuable: Mattress purchases typically fall between October and December, but we get it—shoppers’ wallets can look a little empty by the time holiday shopping is over. Which is why many wait until President’s Day weekend to look for their next big bedding purchase. 

Audience Name: Black History Month

Audience Provider: ComScore

Why they’re valuable: President’s Day overlaps with Black History Month, which runs through February. Don’t forget to add this segment to your campaigns to engage shoppers who are making purchases through the month.

Audience Name: Singles

Audience Provider: OnAudience

Why they’re valuable: If the end of year holiday shopping is for friends and family, and Valentine’s Day is for lovers, then President’s Day is a weekend for self-love shopping at a fraction of the price.