What This Year’s Stats Tell Us About 2024’s Trends

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While 2023 may be winding down, the shifting TV landscape shows no signs of slowing up. Over the past year, CTV continued to eat linear TV’s lunch. More channels announced ad-supported tiers, leading to further fragmentation within the industry. AI has become the hottest topic in Adland as marketers work to integrate it into their workflow. But with 2024 on the horizon, marketers are starting to ask themselves: what’s next?

Join MNTN and eMarketer as they discuss some of the top learnings and stats from 2023. From fragmentation and AI to attribution and creative, they’ll walk through how the industry has shifted this year and what that means for 2024. They’ll highlight how to make the most of TV as a lower-funnel, performance-based tool, especially as attribution continues to be at the forefront of marketers’ minds. Plus, they’ll share data-backed tips on making the best creative to succeed in the upcoming year.

What This Year’s Stats Tell Us About 2024’s Trends

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