How Deep is Your Data? Exploring and Iterating Off CTV’s Reporting Dashboards

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Optimization should be a good thing: one less task on the to-do list and the best performance of your ad budget. However, the lack of transparency that often accompanies the optimization of paid search campaigns makes it hard for marketers to learn more about what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, performance isn’t just relegated to search–Connected TV provides performance with transparency. With its digital roots, Connected TV offers a lot of data–but what insights are actually available?

Join Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he walks through the multitude of reporting views that CTV provides and how to apply the data. He’ll show how CTV is a perfect balance between automation and control so you can launch quickly using the marketing expertise you already have. He’ll also demonstrate how to apply the wealth of knowledge CTV provides to your entire ad mix to boost performance across the board.

How Deep is Your Data? Exploring and Iterating Off CTV’s Reporting Dashboards

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