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Why We Chose to Build a Living Room Quality Platform

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Why We Chose to Build a Living Room Quality Platform

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When we created Performance TV, we had in mind a performance marketing channel that not only drove direct measurable impact, but also delivered a visually captivating, fully-immersive ad experience. That meant creating something we call Living Room Quality, which sets Performance TV apart from the competition. It’s one of the (many) defining features of our platform, so rightfully deserved its own post. 

We get asked “What does Living Room Quality mean?” a lot – and you’ve probably seen us mention it frequently in our other pieces of content. We define Living Room Quality as:

  • Served exclusively on top-tier streaming services like ABC, ESPN, Bravo and more, which offers an optimal ad experience
  • Non-skippable and high-definition ads automatically served on inventory that drives the best performance

Why Living Room Quality?

The more important question you should ask yourself is why should Living Room Quality be a must-have for advertisers? The answer is twofold: firstly, 87% of us are using our smartphone, tablet, game console, e-book or laptops while watching TV. In short, advertisers should assume by default that a “second screen” is always present and plan for it. TV ads need to be compelling enough to draw attention away from their other devices. 

Secondly, 65% of viewers will look up content on their phones while they watch TV, and navigate to the advertisers website. That’s important because when a viewer sees an ad streamed to their TV, they have a device already in-hand that allows them to immediately visit the advertisers’ website. With Living Room Quality, you can capture that exact moment when intent is highest, and our internal data shows that leveraging the “second screen” dynamic leads to increased campaign performance. These insights were pivotal when creating our Performance TV platform to satisfy both needs. 

What Sets it Apart?

The next question you might ask is, “What sets Performance TV’s Living Room Quality apart from the dozens of Connected TV providers out there?” At first glance, it might look like all of our competitors are one and the same, but one thing you should know is most of these providers say they serve “Connected TV” inventory, but it’s actually being served in non-TV environments, or outside of streaming TV apps entirely.

That’s a problem because these environments can allow for skippable ads. Ad skippability is a given in today’s attention-deficit culture, with 90% of viewers skipping pre-roll ads on mobile or desktop by switching tabs or hitting that ‘skip’ button. Ads served alongside Living Room Quality content are non-skippable for this very reason. In addition, research shows Connected TV continues to offer:

How is Performance Impacted by Ads Served on Non-TV Devices?

Video ads served outside of in-app CTV environments drive poor performance and do not result in conversions, since users will choose not to interrupt their viewing experience and instead continue to stream their show and forget about it. This means many advertisers are missing the mark and are wasting precious advertising budgets as a result. This issue is mitigated through Performance TV’s Living Room Quality feature, since the ads are only served in-app alongside premium quality inventory.

Top Networks, Top Performance

We’ve been running performance campaigns across Connected TV for years now. We deliberately took the time to perfect our Living Room Quality recipe with a performance marketers lens, and have been doing this long enough to know what drives results advertisers care about. That means we’ve figured out the exact combination of variables and streaming networks that deliver the best results. 

We’ve curated a selection of premium publishers that, when combined with our automated media buying, have proven to deliver the best performance for results-driven marketers. We hand-picked these publishers as it was found that these ones drive conversions, and thus landed where we are today, with a performance marketing machine designed to be added to your advertising toolkit. 

Why You Need Living Room Quality

We’ve refined our approach to Connected TV over the years based on important lessons learned in crafting the world’s first performance-driven CTV advertising solution. Living Room Quality is the result of constant analysis and optimization, and it’s what makes performance marketing possible on Connected TV.  If you want to drive the best results possible with your Connected TV advertising, you need Performance TV’s Living Room Quality.