In With the New: How CTV Can Help Search Marketers with 2023 Planning

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What This Session Is About

Planning season is upon us for 2023, and search marketers may find this year more stressful than most. There is a lot of speculation about what changes are just around the corner, which makes it harder to rely on performance from this key channel. Paid search marketers are looking for creative solutions to ensure the security of their strategies going into the new year and new landscape. And relief may come from an unexpected player: Connected TV. 

Join Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing, as he demonstrates why Connected TV is a great performance channel to help round out your 2023 strategy and sidestep the concerns about the changing search landscape. He’ll walk through some of the anticipated changes coming for search marketing and why Connected TV offers a safe haven from these concerns.

In With the New: How CTV Can Help Search Marketers with 2023 Planning

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