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39% of Former Netflix Password Sharers Plan To Opt for the Ad-Supported Tier

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39% of Former Netflix Password Sharers Plan To Opt for the Ad-Supported Tier

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Netflix just announced that they will begin enforcing their long-awaited crackdown on password sharing, and subscribers are split on how they plan to react—particularly by generation. According to a recent survey from Samba TV, around 52% of Gen Z and 51% of Millennials say they will cancel their Netflix accounts if they were no longer able to share passwords with individuals outside their households—percentages approximately double those of Gen X and Baby Boomers. 

However, around 64% of those who are currently sharing passwords with other subscribers say they will indeed be getting their own Netflix accounts. And among those with plans to subscribe, 39% plan to sign up for the cheaper ad-supported tier, while 25% prefer the ad-free option.

Samba TV CEO Ashwin Navin says that the streaming giant may be an attempt to push new subscribers to its ad-supported tier: “[Our data] shows the crackdown on password sharing has the potential to hasten the growth of Netflix’s ad-supported tier as sharers are gently forced to migrate to their own accounts.”

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