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49 percent of U.S. TV viewers say they’re watching more TV since the pandemic began.

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49 percent of U.S. TV viewers say they’re watching more TV since the pandemic began.

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In 2020, when more people were spending time at home in front of their devices than ever due to the pandemic, Connected TV became a much bigger part of the lives of American consumers. In fact, 49% of U.S. TV viewers say they have been watching more TV since the pandemic began. And according to eMarketer, with Connected TV devices expected to be in four out of five U.S. homes in 2021, it’s looking like this year is when regular streaming TV viewing becomes a full-blown habit.

And good news for brands looking to advertise to those newly accessible consumers through Connected TV – 72% of streamers prefer to watch free content with ads, or pay a low monthly subscription fee with commercial time. As a result, this growth is only expected to continue as more and more media companies introduce their own ad-supported streaming services, such as with the recently launched Paramount+ and HBO Max with ads. Ultimately, those marketers who have been looking for a powerful, data-driven ad channel should be taking advantage of this growing viewer base by serving their ads through Connected TV platforms.

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