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78% of Advertisers Plan to Increase CTV Ad Spend in 2022

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78% of Advertisers Plan to Increase CTV Ad Spend in 2022

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With three in five consumers subscribing to at least one ad-supported streaming service, it looks like advertisers are looking to follow potential customers to this growing channel. That’s according to a new report from MiQ, Programmatic Trends for 2022, which found that 78% of American marketers are looking to boost their ad spend in Connected TV this year, and 22% will be spending the same amount as in 2021. Globally, those numbers are even higher, with 81% of marketers stating they will increase CTV ad spend, 17% will maintain their current spending levels, and only 1% intending to decrease.

The report also covers how these advertisers will be buying CTV inventory. It looks like globally, around 43% of advertisers are looking to work with a managed service partner to help them with their planning and activation, with only 27% keeping it all in-house and 30% moving towards a hybrid approach. In the US, 68% intend to work with a partner or agency, and those surveyed listed incremental reach, performance goals, and cost as the key considerations for selecting those partners. Ultimately, CTV is a big opportunity to reach engaged audiences with high-impact campaigns, and advertisers are taking notice and making plans accordingly.

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