Digital Experiences, CTV Pharma Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Digital Experiences, CTV Pharma Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Looking to stay on top of the news from the world of digital marketing this week? We created this roundup to make it even easier to see all the top stories in one place. 

First up in digital marketing news, marketers should be looking to prioritize their digital experiences. Last year, many marketers changed up their digital customer experience strategies due to the pandemic, and we can expect to see that transformation continue into 2022. According to a new article from MarTech, moving forward digital experiences will be the key to brand success, and marketers need to optimize customer interactions across all channels. One way that marketers can achieve this is through omnichannel frameworks, which focus on the needs of customers on each channel and adapt accordingly. By fully exploring the customer lifecycle to determine what type of brand interactions customers are expecting, marketers can gain better insight into the success of their digital interactions with consumers.

And in Connected TV News, it’s looking like pharma advertising dollars will be moving to this growing channel in the upcoming years. According to an article from Fierce Pharma, advertisers are carving out bigger chunks of their ad budgets for CTV, spending $14.4 billion  last year (a nearly 60% jump YoY). And it looks like those investments are paying off—not only is this channel 53% less expensive than advertising on cable TV, it’s better than linear TV, display advertising, and online video at reaching target audiences for pharma brands. In findings from Martech company DeepIntent, they found that CTV delivered an 82% higher percentage of pharma ad impressions to people identified as “clinically relevant” to the advertised product. And when it came to ROI, CTV was between 10-50% higher than it was for linear. “Television works. We know it works. But connected TV just works harder and smarter,” said Marcella Milliet Sciorra, senior VP of marketing at DeepIntent.

Keep reading to see the rest of the top marketing news from this week. 


Memory Marketing Makes the Most of Customer Experiences – In general, modern consumers are hungry to enjoy, share and review. Yet many businesses are still unable to reap the full benefits of customer interactions. Why? It’s because oftentimes, they are letting their customers collect experiences passively rather than actively. 

How Tech is Changing Digital Marketing in 2022 – What makes a great digital marketing strategy? The key is to stay ahead of trends, maintain changing customer behavior, and adopt new strategies before your competitors catch wind of these rapid market shifts. 

How to Ramp Up Your Inbound Marketing Game for 2022 – For businesses to have any hope of surviving this digital-dominated climate, having a robust inbound marketing strategy is essential. 

2022: A Sustainability Reckoning for Digital Marketing and Advertising – With sustainability moving firmly from a niche consideration to a mainstream concern, the wider ad industry is increasingly reckoning with its impact. Organizations that are willing to grapple with these issues will be ahead of the curve in 2022.

How Marketers Can Prioritize Digital Experiences – 94% of marketers claim their organization had changed their digital customer experience strategy in the 18 months following the 2020 pandemic. And while there are always factors specific to every brand, the pandemic accounts for the bulk of this transformation.


6 Performance-Driven Brands Take a Full-Funnel Approach to TV – Television’s pre-eminence as a brand-building channel has, at times, created the faulty perception that visibility is the only thing it can accomplish. That couldn’t be further from the truth.   

Why 2022 Could Be A Renaissance For TV Advertising – We are living through a renaissance in TV viewing and advertising today: Driven by viewers, adoption of streaming services will propel the industry from the dark ages of panel-based guesswork to an enlightened age of accountability and addressability.

Don’t Just Capitalize on Demand – Create ItConnected TV advertising can reach a group of people who are interested in your business, they just don’t know it yet. 

Advertisers Want Buying CTV to Feel More Like Traditional TV – Last year, advertisers spent an estimated $10.3 billion in connected TV programmatic ads, an 82% increase from 2020, according to eMarketer. But tech companies, cross-industry groups and trade bodies are all trying to figure out connected TV’s teething problems.

Connected TV Works ‘Harder and Smarter’ for the Ad Dollar, New Analysis Finds – As more and more people flock to streaming channels over traditional TV—yet another trend turbocharged by the pandemic—pharma ad dollars are following them.


QR Codes Forecast and Trends 2022 – QR codes are becoming embedded in the ways customers engage in marketing, and marketers have significant opportunities to leverage QR codes in areas such as shopping centers, billboards, interactive TV, interactive screens, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

‘Silence, Brand’: How to Avoid Corporate Cringe on Social Media – When brands participate in fleeting trends to which they have no connection and are overly reliant on humor as a social strategy, many experts believe they do more harm than good for their image. 

Use SMS to Boost Your Business in 2022 – 2022 is in full swing which means one thing, it’s time to connect with your customers and make this a year to remember. Many business owners using SMS find that the time-saving benefit frees them up to focus on what really matters – the growth of their business.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.