Digital Marketing Trends, CTV Pharma Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Digital Marketing Trends, CTV Pharma Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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If you’re searching for a roundup of the top marketing news from this week, look no further! We compiled the headlines that made waves this week in one easy to digest place. 

In digital marketing news, there have been a lot of disruptions to marketing processes over the last few years. But luckily, recent updates in technology and data management have helped to offset some of those challenges. As covered by an article in MarTech, marketers were recently surveyed to find out what trends are helping them pivot their strategies, connect with customers, and drive conversions. According to the survey, 38% of marketers expressed that their most difficult challenge was maximizing performance across all channels, as many of their audiences are spread out among a variety of mediums and devices. To offset that potential disconnect, 43% of marketers plan to offer more personalized content and offers in upcoming years. Martech recommends that organizations looking to do so should be investing in technologies like customer data platforms (CDP), which allows you to anticipate customer needs, and content management systems (CMS) which can help manage and create more innovative content. 

In Connected TV news, Adweek has some audience recommendations for Pharma brands looking to make an impact on this channel. With linear TV, these brands had to cast a wide net with their advertising, hoping that the right consumers would end up watching the ad. But Connected TV changes the game with its ability to better target and track audiences. Adweek recommends that Pharma brands who are starting to advertise on CTV narrow their focus to qualified people who have engaged with condition-related content. They also suggest harnessing the power of cross-screen engagement for consumers who scroll on their devices while watching CTV.

For the rest of the articles that caught our attention this week, take a look at the list below.


Slay the Monsters of Marketing Data – There are beasts and demons lurking in the dark reaches of your company’s marketing programs and they’re keeping you from successfully turning your data into campaign success. 

Are Digital Marketing Courses Worthwhile? Pro Marketers Respond – Digital marketing courses are everywhere, but are they worth it? Experienced marketers share how different types of courses can help your career. 

2022’s Trends in Digital Marketing – Marketers are still adapting to the major disruptions of the past several years. Buyers, though, still expect marketers to provide personalization and enjoyable experiences. 

The Tools and Tech You’ll Need to Level Up Your Influencer Marketing – Before 2020, influencers represented a small share of many companies’ partner marketing efforts. Then, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and knowledge workers shifted to remote work, some brands found it difficult to create their own content.

3 Keys to Successful Lead Generation in a Post-Cookie World – With Google set to phase out third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome browser by late next year, lead generation marketers will need to find new ways of identifying and reaching their target consumers. 

E-commerce Marketers – If You Don’t Know Your Customers, You’ve ‘got No Chance’ – E-commerce sales are booming – but with big digital changes afoot, marketers must find new ways to deliver value to their customers. 


IAB Sets Final 2022 NewFronts Presenter Schedule – With just a couple weeks to go until the NewFronts presentations, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has unveiled the final schedule for the event, which will have an in-person presence for the first time in three years. 

Creative Considerations for Mother’s Day Marketing – Last week, we took a closer look at Mother’s Day audiences—now it’s time to focus on the best way to communicate with shoppers.

Myth Buster: Connected TV Advertising’s Major Misperceptions – For as much as Connected TV advertising has matured in the past few years, the emerging medium maintains a mystique that has given rise to myths that must be dispelled. Here is a sample of some major myths regarding CTV advertising

Nielsen, YouTube Add Co-Viewing Metric to Connected TV Measurement Partnership – As the industry continues to try and solve the increasingly complicated measurement problem, YouTube and Nielsen have partnered to add co-viewing metrics to account for multiple viewers watching YouTube TV and YouTube on Connected TV.

The CTV Audience That Pharma Brands Are Missing – Pharma brands shifting their spend to Connected TV need to be able to make confident, cost-effective decisions that maximize their audience impact. That makes audience quality a nonnegotiable priority. 


40+ TikTok Stats Digital Marketers Need To Know – Wondering whether TikTok has a place in your marketing mix? Check out these statistics and facts about the short video sharing platform.

Elon Musk Offers to Buy Twitter for $41bn – In his US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Musk noted that this is a 54 per cent premium over the day before he began investing in Twitter and a 38 per cent premium over the day before his investment was publicly announced.

New Data From Adjust Shows Record In-App Revenue Months For Fintech, E-commerce and Gaming in 2021 – Adjust, a global mobile marketing analytics platform, today released its annual Mobile app trends report, showing that mobile app growth continued to accelerate globally in 2021.

Best Practices for ASO Adaptability – Adaptability is inherent in the process of App Store Optimization (ASO). As one of the foundational elements of a coherent and effective mobile marketing strategy, ASO builds on organic performance over time.  


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.