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Level Up Your ABM Strategies With CTV

Level Up Your ABM Strategies With CTV

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Accounts-based-marketing, or ABM, is a tried-and-true strategy for many B2B brands—70% of marketers use ABM, according to Hubspot. And it’s no surprise, because it works! Most marketers (91%) find that ABM-driven sales result in larger deal sizes; one survey even found that marketers using ABM generate 200% more revenue than those who don’t.

By setting up personalized experiences for a specific set of high-value accounts, brands can better allocate their resources towards the targets that matter most. Many B2B brands work with ABM software—such as 6Sense, DemandBase, or RollWorks—to help them de-anonymize their web traffic. These platforms help brands match people from their ABM lists to their website visitors; they even allow them to create custom landing pages for those leads. 

But in a world where competition is fierce and prospects have a multitude of channels vying for their attention, it’s more important than ever that your ABM strategies are effective and impactful. These days, most marketers are using the same old playbook—email marketing strategies, personalized landing pages, and so on. To stand out from the pack, B2B marketers should be looking to a newer player in the advertising space: Connected TV.

Using Your First-Party Data on the TV Screen

When it comes to furthering your ABM strategy, the TV screen may not be the first destination that comes to mind. Most B2B advertisers have relied on display to advertise to their accounts directly, but Connected TV offers another powerful way to maximize your marketing efforts.

Connected TV combines the impact of television with the precision of digital. Its digital DNA has turned TV into a targetable solution, allowing brands to target their audiences on their living room screen alongside their other performance marketing channels. Not only does CTV offer access to a wealth of third-party audiences, but brands can upload their own first-party data to target their email lists directly.

So why turn to CTV when you already have a functional ABM strategy? Believe it or not, Connected TV can be even better at driving website engagement than paid search or social. According to MNTN’s first-party data, B2B brands that added CTV to their marketing mix saw a 49% longer session duration, on average, compared to paid social, and a 19% longer session duration, on average, compared to paid search. By adding CTV, advertisers can use the sight, sound, and motion of the big screen to recapture the attention of one of their most important audiences.

Expand Your ABM List with CTV

CTV’s ability to drive people to your website can also help you grow your ABM accounts by feeding intent signals and ultimately boosting opportunities for your sales team. CTV is a strong demand-generation tool; its precision audience targeting allows B2B brands to target key decision-makers at scale, expanding beyond CRM lists and complementing existing ABM strategies.

These prospecting campaigns drive users to your website, expanding your first-party audience pool for retargeting. This magic combination—a comprehensive prospecting strategy and a strategic retargeting one—will drive not only website visits but ultimately demo requests, supplementing your ABM lists with high-intent users. The strength of CTV’s audience targeting means you can benefit from both the narrow targeting of your CRM list, speaking specifically to the audience whose attention you already have, as well as wider prospecting to reach new prospects who might not know about you yet.

So, How Can You Get Started on CTV?

The first step: finding the right partner. B2B marketers should look for an all-in-one solution that prioritizes automation, freeing up precious time better spent refining your overall marketing strategy. By working with a company like MNTN Performance TV, you can unlock the full potential of Connected TV for your ABM strategies. After all, the key to a successful ABM campaign is robust audience targeting—and MNTN is a master at that. Our platform allows advertisers to start broader in order to fuel new leads, and then get more granular with narrow targeting that looks similar to their ABM list.

MNTN Performance TV can also help you find your ABM audience on television by leveraging your own CRM audience. The process is simple: upload your CRM email lists, and MNTN automatically matches those users to TV audiences. This helps ensure that your ads bypass the usual B2B marketing noise and are served right to the users that matter most—on the biggest screen in the house.