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MNTN’s CRM Capabilities Bring Marketing Daydreams to Life

What kind of campaigns would your brand create?

MNTN’s CRM Capabilities Bring Marketing Daydreams to Life

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It’s every marketer’s dream: what if you could exclusively target your best and most receptive customers in a relaxed environment? What strategy or messaging would you use if your ad was almost guaranteed to be seen? What if the audience was already familiar with your brand, so there was no need for introductions — and you could get straight to the pitch? 

What kind of campaign would you run?

For many marketers, this is a fun scenario to daydream about. For brands using MNTN’s Performance TV, it’s a reality thanks to CRM Audience Targeting.

How CRM Produces Revenue-Generating Results

MNTN’s CRM Audience Targeting is a powerful feature of Performance TV, enabling you to reach your target audience after hours (or any hours they’re watching TV) while they’re relaxing with their favorite shows. Simply upload your CRM data, define your target audience, and serve memorable and highly engaging content to their TVs on top-tier networks.

With CRM Audience Targeting, you can focus on the users already familiar with your brand. There is no need to spend time introducing your brand or start down the long customer journey path — this audience knows who you are. This familiarity presents a significant opportunity for brands, as loyal and repeat customers are statistically likely to spend more money than first-time customers.

On average, a repeat customer is worth up to ten times as much as a prospective customer. Repeat customers spend 67% more in 31-36 months than new customers in 0-6 months, and the likelihood of additional purchases increases drastically with each transaction — 27% more likely to purchase again after the first sale, 45% after two, and 54% after three.

CRM Audience Targeting allows you to cut through the clutter and get your message directly to this highly profitable and engaged audience.

Don’t Let Your Message Get Lost in Spam

In 2023, 347.3 billion emails were sent every day. That’s almost 127 trillion emails for the year. To put that in context, if you were to take $127 trillion and divide it up among every person on earth, every person would receive $15,875 — and your emails equate to a penny each. How would you ensure that your penny gets into the hands of your target customer? Would they even notice it amongst the trillions of other pennies? 

Studies show that only 44% of users check their email for a deal from brands (and open rates are even lower). That’s a lot of money, effort, and time spent on odds that are less favorable than a simple coin toss.  Email marketing is overcrowded, noisy, and subject to aggressive promotional filters. Worse, it’s often read during busy work hours — so even if your email does get seen, you’re being read in between work meetings, or when the target audience is stressed or busy. In this environment, a natural wall goes up and the reader is less likely to be receptive to your pitch — if they even have time to read it or act before tackling the next important task.

MNTN Performance TV with CRM Audience Targeting knocks down these barriers by reaching your audience in a more casual, welcoming environment. Performance TV serves ads to your ideal audience during their favorite television shows when they’re more likely to pay attention and have a second device on hand to take action. Our Living Room Quality feature ensures your ad is only seen on premium networks like Hulu, ESPN, MTV, and more — tying your brand to trusted, quality content and networks.

CRM in Action

Biz2Credit, an online financing platform for small businesses, put their CRM to work in a full-funnel strategy with MNTN. Along with prospecting and targeting campaigns, Biz2Credit was able to securely connect their CRM system and encourage their target audience to convert with high-impact video creative on the TV screen. As these campaigns ran, they built a robust retargeting pool, which was then used to create a retargeting campaign

The result: Biz2Credit surpassed their CPA goal by 70%, converting their CRM records into actual customers and generating new demand with their Connected TV prospecting campaigns. Performance TV has made this a sustainable part of their marketing efforts by making it easy to manage multiple campaigns at once so they can reach their target audience across the funnel.

CRM Audience Targeting Features

CRM Audience Targeting leverages the power of MNTN’s Performance TV solution to make it easy to connect with your most valuable customers and use audience strategies never seen on television.

High-Quality Ads, Low-Intensity Effort

Easily create TV campaigns with a streamlined setup that gets you up and running in just a few short steps — then use MNTN’s cross-device graph to automatically identify all the households from your CRM list. All you have to do is select your creative, enter a budget, and launch your campaign. From there, Performance TV’s automated media buying technology optimizes your campaign thousands of times per day to hit your goal.

Ditch the Cookies

The future of cookies is dire. MNTN dodges the coming pitfall by matching your CRM emails to users’ IP addresses. The result is your brand has expanded reach and a larger pool of CRM households available to target. No cookies necessary.

Full Scope Measurement

Get a complete view of your campaign’s performance with Performance TV’s custom reporting suite, or alongside the rest of your digital campaigns in Google Analytics or Rockerbox. With Performance TV, you can track everything from cross-device site visits to conversions and beyond.

The Next Generation of Targeting

Effortlessly and seamlessly segment your CRM list directly inside the Performance TV platform to create different audiences to target. Performance TV even allows you to exclude CRM users from existing prospecting audiences to ensure they’re not being served your other campaigns.

…So What Would You Do?

To recap, CRM Audience Targeting allows you to target your most profitable customers, in an environment that allows you to capture their full attention, and with cutting-edge technology that makes creating, delivering, targeting, and measuring ads an effortless endeavor. It’s an opportunity that was unimaginable just a few years ago and is producing measurable and successful results for top brands across every industry — potentially even your competitors.

Only one thing left to ask: how would your brand use it?