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Programmatic Connected TV Ads Jump 330%

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Programmatic Connected TV Ads Jump 330%

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2019 Saw Enormous Jump in Programmatic CTV

As the Connected TV landscape rapidly evolves and grows, it may seem increasingly difficult to navigate for marketers who still haven’t added this channel to their marketing mix. By analyzing ad transaction trends, however, it gets a bit easier to see where other businesses are finding success. In their State of Connected TV/OTT: 2019 Ad Supply Trends Report, Pixilate found there was a 330% rise in worldwide programmatic OTT/CTV ad transactions in 2019. And with eMarketer estimating that CTV ad spend will reach $9 billion in the U.S. alone in 2020, it seems the future for programmatic CTV advertising is looking bright.

Unfortunately some advertisers are still missing out on the power of Connected TV ads, despite its obvious advantages. There’s little barrier to entry for marketers with years of experience in digital advertising, as the targeting and measurement are practically the same as a digital channel. The major difference, and it’s a big one, is ad delivery is through OTT devices and smart TVs, making for a much better user experience. Once more digital-native advertisers realize the opportunity, we can expect to see growth numbers exceed 2019’s by a longshot.

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