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    Connected TV

    Streaming Makes Up 33.7% of Total TV Viewing Time

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    Streaming Makes Up 33.7% of Total TV Viewing Time

    2 Min Read

    During the summer months, we often expect TV viewing time to decrease as consumers spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather. But according to Nielsen’s June 2022 The Gauge report, total TV viewing time in June actually increased by 1.9%. This is in large part due to the increased time spent streaming last month, which also hit a record high of 33.7% of all TV viewing. In terms of which streaming platforms captured the most view time, Netflix leads the pack with 7.7% (up from 6.8% in May), likely due to the success of the recent season of Stranger Things. Other platforms like Disney+ (2%) and Prime Video (2.9%) also saw bumps in June.

    Broadcast and cable view time, on the other hand, saw declines in viewing time during June. Broadcast’s viewing share dropped by 2.1%, and cable fell from 36.5% to 35.1%. This may be in part due to the end of seasons for a few live sports, which drove a lot of the viewing time for both categories. Ultimately, as more and more sports and their viewers make the move to streaming, it’s possible we will see linear view time drop even further in the future.

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