The Age of Privacy, Smart TV Viewing Time Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The Age of Privacy, Smart TV Viewing Time Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Looking to stay on top of the marketing news from this week? We created this roundup so you can see it all in one place.

First up in digital marketing news, the rise in emphasis on data privacy is changing the way marketers craft their digital marketing efforts. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention program set this trend in motion by blocking third-party cookies, which are now in the process of being phased out by 2023. And browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome are set to follow Apple’s lead. A new article from Inc. covers the new tools and strategies marketers are using now that cookies are on their way out. The first is contextual targeting, where ads are personalized for audiences based on their relevance to a publisher’s content. Marketers are also looking to capitalize on their email lists and organic social media to stay top of mind with interested consumers. Ultimately, Inc. believes that this new era of privacy will encourage brands to learn more about their consumers through relationship-building tactics that build customer trust.

And in Connected TV news, a new report found that streaming viewing time has grown over the last year. Conviva’s State of Streaming Q1 2022 revealed that streaming grew 10% YOY globally in the first quarter of 2022. The report also found that CTV viewing is shifting away from Connected TV devices in favor of smart TVs, which grew 34% YOY in Q1. This growth ate into the viewing time for CTV devices, which were down 1%. Of those CTV devices, Roku remained the most used device at a 31% share of view time. And finally, it looks like streaming quality ramped up over the last year as well—ad buffering experienced a 17% improvement, and Bitrate increased 16%, and failed attempts were down 16%. According to Conviva, “All and all, it was a much better quarter for streaming advertising, both in terms of impressions and quality,” 

Check out the rest of the top headlines in the list below. 


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Why Marketers Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Complexity – Henk-jan ter Brugge, director, global digital marketing at Philips, talks about getting martech and business closer together. 


Streaming Rises, With Viewing Shifting to Big Screens From Connected Devices – Streaming grew 10% globally in the first quarter, with consumption continuing to shaft to big screens, particularly smart TVs, according to a new report from Conviva.

AMC Streaming Strategy Not Only Focused on Subscriber Adds – As AMC Networks continues to steadily increase its subscriber base, the company will focus on “very deliberate” growth with regards to streaming strategy, interim CEO Matt Blank said Thursday. 

To Be Continued: Connected TV’s Creative Continues to Conquer – Connected TV raised the bar for performance marketing, but its creative evolution is turning heads, too. 

How Contextual Targeting Will Make Its Resurgence in OTT – Television is the largest brand-building medium in the history of the world, and advertisers have largely aligned their messages to specific programming. 

Streaming Ads to Provide Unparalleled Data to Advertisers – The world of streaming entertainment is changing. With concerns over slowing subscriber growth and the rise of free and/or ad-supported services, today’s streaming landscape is far different than the one from five years ago.

The Role Total Video Planning Plays in Upfronts – After a successful NewFronts it’s time for the other biggest media companies to talk content and advertising innovation. On a parallel track, the price conversations between the buyers and sellers have also started.

Now That Subscription Streaming Is Dead, Are There Enough Ad Dollars for Everyone? – Here in the opening days of the Upfronts, it’s a good time to ask one simple question: Now that even Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus are adding ad-based programming or even full-service tiers, are there enough dollars out there for everybody?  

Ad-Supported Disney+ Will Lean on Company’s Success With Hulu – An upcoming version of Disney+ that will be subsidized through advertising will draw on the success of the company’s other ad-supported service, Hulu, company executives said on Wednesday.


TikTok Publishes New Report on the Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging – Yes, digital platforms are where everyone is consuming media these days, with more people spending more and more of their time using social apps to stay connected and entertained at all hours of the day. But that doesn’t mean that linear TV is dead.

Should Mobile Marketing be a Priority for Marketers in 2022? – In a multi-channel digital-first marketing environment, it is all the more important for marketers to meet customers where they are using relevant messaging to break through the noise.  

Marketing in Video Games Requires Smart Strategy – Brands should embrace in-game advertising because this billion-dollar industry has high engagement and user interaction. 

Apple Previews Extended Accessibility Features Set To Roll Out Later This Year – Apple has previewed a range of features offering new ways for users with disabilities to navigate, connect, and get the most out of Apple products.


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.