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The Great Ad Rush is Here. Are You Ready?

Advertisers are needing more video, and now. Here’s the solution.

The Great Ad Rush is Here. Are You Ready?

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Advertisers are needing more video, and now. Here’s the solution.

With every passing day, CTV becomes more advertiser-friendly. Streaming services that once swore off ads are now embracing them, consumers are choosing free ad-supported streaming services, and brands are increasing their ad spend to reach their audiences. But this new ad rush has left advertisers feeling the crunch, looking to produce and deliver more video content than ever before – and this momentum is only accelerating with no sign of a slowdown in sight.

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Creating Memorable Moments

Thanks to its ability to target the ideal customer and serve them ads directly, Connected TV is uniquely positioned to build connections between viewers and brands. 54% of Gen Z viewers watch ads targeted towards their interest, and 60% of viewers prefer streaming shows with ads customized to their tastes. By delivering ads that are both relevant and customized to the audience, consumers are not just more likely to pay attention – they’re likely to share it, sparking conversations, expanding your reach, and making ads go viral.

CTV’s strengths enable advertisers to think creatively with their video output and maximize their budget in ways never possible on linear TV. Premium CTV platforms allow advertisers to A/B test, target different audiences, create retargeting campaigns, and measure success in real-time. The result is a data-driven feedback loop that shows advertisers what’s working, what’s not – and gives them the ability to optimize creative and get it right.

It’s an Ad, Ad World

As consumers cut the cord and stream more content than ever, new channels seemingly appear overnight to capitalize – and brands are increasing ad spend to chase their consumers. The rise of so many services seeking audience attention and dollars has led to many viewers openly embracing these brands and their advertisers;  73% of consumers polled say they prefer a cheaper or free “ad-supported CTV viewing” over a “no ads” premium model, and 60% of viewers prefer streaming shows with ads customized to their tastes.

All these factors are coming together into a perfect storm, forcing advertisers to invest more heavily in CTV for a captive, receptive audience—and needing more high-performing creative that can be deployed quickly. The problem? Scaling original video content to meet demand is expensive, time-consuming, creatively challenging, and demanding. And worse, some brands think that their lack of any video creative means they’re locked out of CTV. Thankfully, all of this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It Has Never Been Easier to Get on CTV

Getting started on CTV has never been easier for advertisers, providing they know where to start. Savvy brands are utilizing turnkey solutions to deploy creative quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Leading video creation tools like QuickFrame by MNTN are helping brands scale their video output to create ads for every audience, channel, and objective.

Similarly, premium CTV platforms like MNTN Performance TV are empowering advertisers with the control, testing, measurement, and customization to tailor objectives and deploy targeted creative. As a result, creative and TV advertising is finally being opened up to brands of all sizes and industries that were previously gated out. Now anyone can make and deploy impactful creative that drives engagement and converts lifelong customers.

See a CTV Success Story in Action

While this blog makes a case for why it has never been easier to create, target, and deliver powerful ad campaigns, sometimes the most compelling case comes from brands who have gone before.

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