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60% of Streamers Give High Enjoyment Ratings to Shows with Customized Ads

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60% of Streamers Give High Enjoyment Ratings to Shows with Customized Ads

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A new survey has revealed that many streamers aren’t opposed to advertisements as they watch shows on Connected TV, as long as the ads they are served fit their interests. TV Advertising: Fact Vs. Fiction from Hub Entertainment research found that 60% of those surveyed gave top satisfaction ratings to shows on Connected TV that included ads “customized to me.” More than half (56%) also gave high ratings to the shows with ads based on their search history, along with to shows that included countdown clocks during the ads (54%), and to shows with ads shown before the show begins (51%). 

This data shows what many Connected TV Advertisers already know – consumers don’t mind watching ads while streaming. In fact, nine out of 10 U.S. Connected TV viewers are already watching ad-supported content (FAST channels), preferring the lower-price point of these kinds of streaming services. And this survey also has some insights for advertisers looking to keep those satisfaction ratings high: only 49% gave high ratings to shows that included multiple ads from the same brand, and 41% for shows running the same ad multiple times.

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