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US Adults Will Spend Almost 2 Hours a Day With CTV Devices in 2023

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US Adults Will Spend Almost 2 Hours a Day With CTV Devices in 2023

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Adult viewers are expected to spend an average of 1 hour and 51 minutes per day using CTV devices in 2023 (21.4% of their total digital time). According to research from eMarketer, this amount of time spent on CTV devices is nearly double what it was four years ago. Part of the reason for this rise is their increasingly ubiquitous presence in American homes—over 85% of US households are expected to own at least one internet-connected TV set this year. 

This increase in time spent with CTV has already caught up with American users’ time spent with desktops and laptops, and by next year eMarketer expects that CTV will have surpassed them. Time spent with digital video overall will also exceed time spent with traditional TV for the first time this year, with US adults’ average daily linear TV time expected to drop to 2:55 and digital video time expected to increase to 3:11. Ultimately, it looks like Connected TV is breaking records this year and beyond as more and more users make the switch to streaming over linear.

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