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We’re Bringing Real-World Measurement to Real-Time Reporting — Introducing Offline Attribution

We’re Bringing Real-World Measurement to Real-Time Reporting — Introducing Offline Attribution

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Is brick and mortar dead? Or is it having a moment? Turns out it’s neither of those — in fact, it’s here to stay. The numbers don’t lie, either. In-store shopping topped an estimated $6.3 trillion in the US in 2024, per eMarketer, with in-store retail sales projected to make up over 83% of total retail sales (including e-commerce) this year. Between one million+ IRL stores and 1.8 million online stores in the US, the value of having both an on- and offline presence in your marketing strategy couldn’t be clearer.  

Still, actually measuring this impact — especially from a channel like TV — has been notoriously difficult. Until now.

From the Window TV Screen to the Wall Floor

If you have brick and mortar locations, you know your TV commercials have a huge impact on real-world sales. We’re making it easier to measure the influence of your TV commercials on real-world conversions, such as purchases made in your stores, in-store sign-ups, and more.

With MNTN’s Offline Attributions, you can measure that impact with precision:

  • Attribute Real-World Transactions: Measure the influence of Connected TV commercials on real-world conversions, such as in-store purchases, in-store sign-ups, and more. 
  • View Detailed Reporting: Benefit from precise measurement, with detailed information down to each transaction’s OrderID — including exact revenue values.
  • Measure TV’s Total Impact: Measure the conversions you generate online and offline together to gain a holistic view of your MNTN campaign performance.

This Is How We Do It

Measuring the complete impact of your marketing efforts should be seamless. Our process is similar to how you would already measure offline conversions on other performance channels like search and social. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Create a .CSV file with your customers’ email addresses, in-store transaction times, OrderIDs, and order values (for offline purchases).
  • Upload the .CSV file to the CRM Segment in MNTN’s Audience tab as an Offline Attribution Email List.
  • We’ll process your list to identify households that were exposed to your MNTN ad and completed real-world transactions within your specified conversion window. (Rest assured, we protect your data with strict privacy standards.)
  • In your MNTN reporting, you can easily view the conversions and revenue you generate offline alongside your total results, including detailed information down to each transaction’s OrderID.
  • If your conversions are purchase-related, you can also track the revenue generated by your campaigns offline, with visibility down to each transaction’s OrderID.

Why We Love It (and You Will, Too)

We’ve cribbed the best parts of other performance channels and made them even better:

  • No Cost: You don’t pay for this type of offline conversion measurement when using Google or Meta, so why should it cost anything on TV?
  • Simplicity: Our CSV upload process is similar to the process you’re already using to measure offline conversions on paid search and social. 
  • Accuracy: Our data is deterministically matched, which is just a fancy way of saying that each offline conversion is attributed to a household that completed a transaction in your store — within a time window you set — after seeing your TV commercial.

Want to see how this feature works in action? Level up your performance marketing game and reach out for a demo today.