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Who’s Your Audience? Father’s Day 2023

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? Father’s Day 2023

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“Consumers plan to spend approximately the same amount (in) celebration of Father’s Day…reflecting the sentimental nature of the holidays as customers prioritize unique and meaningful gifts,” said Matthew Shay, Chief Executive Officer, National Retail Federation. Even economic headwinds weren’t strong enough to sway customers from spending over $20 billion on Father’s Day in recent years, and this year, those numbers are looking just as seaworthy. The average person spends $170 on Father’s Day gifts—music to a marketer’s ears, if only they can answer the big question: how do you reach them

Luckily, our seasonal guide is dedicated to answering that question, with tips and tricks fueled by MNTN Performance TV first-party data insights that will be sure to change the way you approach Dad’s Day this year.  But there’s only so much you can fit in a guide, which is why we thought we’d supplement with some additional segmentation ideas to help you craft the perfect audience strategy this year—and with over 80,000 third-party audiences, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Audience Name: Gen Z Shoppers

Audience Provider: Adstra

Why they’re valuable: WGen X and Millennials are the biggest Father’s Day shopper group, but don’t forget about Gen Z—capture brand loyalty early on, because the customer lifetime value of this group is huge. Currently they may be only shopping for their dads, but as they mature into the 25-44 year window, they’ll likely be shopping for their spouses, too. 

Audience Name: Father’s Day Gift Givers

Audience Provider: Comscore

Why they’re valuable:  Uncover a treasure trove of new segments with the clever use of a few synonyms, like ‘gift givers’ to your Father’s Day search terms. Another handy tip: Layer this one with the more general ‘Gift Givers’ audience to widen your targeting pool.

Audience Name: Sports Networks

Audience Provider: Comscore

Why they’ve valuable: Our first-party data revealed that sports networks produced the highest ROAS during Father’s Day last year—so why not target viewers on these channels and see if you can turn those sports fans into new loyal customers?

Audience Name: Specialty Shoppers

Audience Provider: Adstra

Why they’re valuable: Unlock another hidden segmentation gem by targeting audiences who are on the hunt for specialty goods and a dad’s day gift with a little bit of je ne sais quoi.

Audience Name: Single Dads

 Audience Provider: 33AcrossAudienceID

Why they’re valuable: A solid strategy this year is to extend your audience strategy beyond the traditional nuclear family—like single dads. The rise of single-family homes has been significant over the last two decades, so you’d be remiss not to include this one in your Father’s Day campaign.