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Who’s Your Audience? Holiday 2023 Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful, and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? Holiday 2023 Edition

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Last month may have been all about those summer swells, but starting this month, there’s one thing a performance marketer wants to keep in mind: holidays. Not the “summer OOO” kind, either (sorry to disappoint!)—the Q4 variety. If you’re not already thinking about the upcoming quarter, let this be your sign to get a move on—this year’s holiday spending is set to break records yet again at a forecasted $1.3+ billion.

It’s not just increased expenditure across the board, though—when people are spending is different, too. They’re calling it the “holiday hammock”—two promotional tentpoles of heavy spending between October and ‘Cyber Five’ week, bridged by a period of slower spending in between. Don’t worry about keeping track manually, though. We can keep you updated with our newly launched seasonal alerts notifications, a set of timed recommendations for campaign planning in the countdown to Black Friday.

And because we want you to crush it this year, we’ll even help get your audience targeting started right now. Check out some of these in-market audiences (or just bookmark this page for future reference).

Audience Name: Shopping Enthusiasts

Audience Provider: Datalogix

Why they’re valuable: One word, endless audiences. Who knew that the word “shopping” could yield such a treasure trove of segmentation options? This is one of many in our compository of data providers, including Experian, Comscore, and LiveRamp.

Audience Name: Q4 Retail Shoppers Top Spenders

Audience Provider: LiveRamp

Why they’re valuable: The name our audience builder uses quite literally says it all (gotta love that intuitive UI): these folks are in the top 50% of shoppers, based on average purchase value on online and offline purchases at retail stores at least once in November and December 2022.

Audience Name: Early Bird Holiday Shoppers

Why they’re valuable: While there isn’t an explicit “holiday hammock” audience, this one is the next best thing. This segment covers the span of shoppers who will be getting their wallets out bright and early before the masses sweep in come Black Friday time.   

Audience Name: Disposable Income

Audience Provider: Merkle

Why they’re valuable: Lifestyle creep is real. While we don’t suggest targeting based solely on demographics, you can still refine your targeting strategy by including psychographic segmentation layers like this one (and the next one).

Audience Name: Sale and Clearance Items

Audience Provider: Dataline

Why they’re valuable: One keyword strategy that always works for us is using synonyms where possible. While the holidays and Q4 are must-have keywords for your campaigns, don’t forget to search for other terms also related to holiday spending.