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Why MNTN Is Your Platform for Durable Growth

Why MNTN Is Your Platform for Durable Growth

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the power of Connected TV — a full-funnel ad channel that gives marketers the power of digital while reaching TV audiences. 

What you may not know: the secret to getting the most out of your CTV campaigns is to work with an advertising partner like MNTN. MNTN Performance TV offers benefits like the ability to scale your audience testing on TV to launch new products and find new revenue streams. In fact, our Audience Segment Reporting feature gives marketers access to performance data for 85,000+ distinct audience segments, including consumer purchase data, in-market intent, TV viewing behaviors, and more. You can then use this data to help refine targeting strategies on other channels and fast track growth. 

Marketers can also take advantage of our Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) model, which provides a steady stream of assets for testing and interacting. Connected TV advertisers need a streamlined creative pipeline so they can produce as many assets as needed on a budget — without overextending their creative teams. CaaS acts as an extension of in-house teams, giving designers control over the production process while eliminating time-consuming operational tasks. Marketers can then use that creative to enhance performance across their entire marketing mix.

Speaking of enhancing your other marketing channels, one thing CTV marketing is especially good at is performance kickbacks across other channels like search and social — we call it CTV’s halo effect. By working with MNTN, marketers launch powerful CTV campaigns that can increase the effectiveness of their other marketing channels as they test, learn, and grow.

How To Scale Success With CTV Advertising

But what exactly do advertisers need to be successful on CTV? On MNTN’s Performance TV platform, the steps are simple.

  1. Activate evergreen campaigns with seasonal heavy-ups: The key to sustained growth is a consistent and opportunistic approach to CTV campaigns, so keep your prospecting and retargeting campaigns going year-round. Then you’re ready to double down on your investments during key consumer moments to take advantage of high-impact opportunities. 
  1. Leverage the right mix of creatives and keep learning: Here are some of the questions marketers should be asking themselves about their creative strategy to ensure it’s effective:
    1. Design: Are you leveraging MNTN and QuickFrame’s creative best practices? Are you using the learnings from your own testing to refine your messaging?
    2. Specificity: Are you producing creative variations that will convince each of your specific audiences to take action?
    3. Shelf Life: Are you refreshing your creatives often enough to avoid ad fatigue? 
    4. Investment: Are you balancing your entire marketing budget to produce effective creatives and maximize your performance-generating media?
  1. Refresh creative routinely: After analyzing data from our highest-performing advertisers, we recommend refreshing your evergreen creatives every 2-3 months, as most creatives have a 59-64 day average shelf life. Check out our guide to data-driven creative refreshes to learn more. 
  1. Use Creative-as-a-Subscription™ to deliver more revenue with the same budget: CaaS allows you to reinvest your savings — taking those dollars further to deliver more revenue with your marketing. This will help free up your creatives to do more of what they’re good at: creating. 
  1. Create cohesion across marketing touchpoints: Cohesive marketing delivers the best performance, so deploy fresh, consistent messaging across your marketing touchpoints to create a singular, ongoing conversation for your audience to engage with and respond to.
  1. Test consistently and discover new audiences: As mentioned earlier, our Audience Segmentation tool gives marketers the ability to target audiences based on hyper-specific behaviors. To maximize the impact of that kind of power and ensure the best campaign outcomes, marketers should be testing their audience strategies consistently.   
  1. Take advantage of MNTN insights: MNTN’s fully customizable reporting dashboard gives marketers the power to measure their results in real-time. And the benefits of that knowledge doesn’t stop there — marketers can then take the insights gleaned from those CTV campaigns to improve their cross-channel strategies.

Ultimately, by following these guidelines, you’re on your way to a cohesive growth strategy, a competitive advantage, and a whole lot more market share.