And the Award for Most Successful Industry on CTV Goes To…

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What This Session Is About

In this webcast Ad Age and MNTN award the best-performing verticals on CTV. Join us as we reveal the industries that are winning the strongest performance outcomes on CTV—and with some potentially surprising upsets. We’ll compare industry verticals against each other, dive deep into which ones are killing it (and why) and show how you can apply their learnings in your own campaigns, no matter what business you’re in.

In this webcast you’ll also hear how:

  • Connected TV is more advertiser-friendly than ever before — and that’s driving meaningful change for the channel
  • New features and capabilities are transforming CTV into a performance marketing powerhouse
  • CTV advertisers are utilizing AI, generating more creative variations, and optimizing the channel in their performance marketing mix
And the Award for Most Successful Industry on CTV Goes To…

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