Seeing Connected TV Through a Search Marketer Lens

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What This Session Is About

As a search marketer, you have your tactics on lock. You know how effective search is for intent-based marketing. But paid search  has limits, for while it’s unmatched for capturing intent, it struggles to generate intent If you feel like you’ve maxed out, it may be time to test Connected TV. CTV has transformed television advertising into a scalable, intent-based marketing tool that search marketers can’t afford to overlook.

Join MNTN to learn more about why CTV is a logical next step for search marketing pros. After this session, you’ll understand how CTV complements a search strategy by:

  • Allowing search marketers to reach, retarget, and convert high-intent audiences
  • Enabling a deeper understanding of essential metrics, including incrementality, without the high price tag
  • Protecting your brand’s reputation in a brand-safe environment
  • Creating a halo effect that can improve the search and social channels you already use

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