“Consumers Don’t Hate Ads – They Just Hate Bad Ads. ” MNTN CEO Mark Douglas Explains Why Maximum Effort Acquisition Solves This Age-Old Dilemma

Jul 9, 2021 2 Min Read

Bringing Back Creative to the Forefront

“Ryan’s a creative force. We met this year and we really think that the media delivering the ads and the creative need a better combination,” explained MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, who was interviewed on Bloomberg yesterday. The company’s latest acquisition of Ryan Reynolds’ creative agency, Maximum Effort, has made industry headlines since the big news was announced the other week. Now, the next big question is – what is Douglas’ vision for this maximum merger?  

Industry wide, Douglas observes a democratization of television advertising. “It’s traditionally been an old school medium …and very expensive. The advent of streaming tv has [enabled] advertisers that are smaller in size [to] access this medium and do it incrementally.” However, there is a missing piece to the puzzle, which is the creative and the message, and marrying this with Connected TV in a way that is seamless and easy for all types of brands and advertisers to get on board.

How Soon Will This Be Brought Out to Market?

“This partnership makes it easier for businesses to publish advertising in a way that’s much more from the hip, and in the moment…but why hadn’t someone thought of it earlier?” asked Morris during the interview. While we won’t see anything just yet, as the company is currently in beta with a select few advertisers, we can expect some big announcements come Fall this year. Douglas hints at what’s to come when explaining the current creative turnaround process for Connected TV advertisers, and how that’s set to change through the merger. “Typical creative takes weeks of meetings…so that kind of speed, sincerity, authenticity and the ability to deliver is really what we’re after.”

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