Unique Automation Strategies, CTV Viewership Rise, & More | Weekly Marketing News

Unique Automation Strategies, CTV Viewership Rise, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Every week there is a lot of marketing news making headlines—and this week was no exception. 

In digital marketing news, as automation continues to become a part of every marketer’s strategy, it can become increasingly hard to stand out from the pack. Investing in the same solutions as competitors might help marketers keep up, but it won’t help brands get ahead. That’s why Adweek recently covered three of the ways brands can fuel automation with data and experiences that are exclusive to their business. The first is anchoring algorithms in unique insights. By asking themselves, “What’s one piece of data we don’t have that we wish we did?” and then working to get that data, any brand can improve their automation over time. For the rest of the automation tips from Adweek, check out the article here

In Connected TV news, it looks like the channel will be continuing its rise in US viewership and advertiser interest for the foreseeable future. A new report from eMarketer found that daily time with connected devices (which mainly refers to CTV but also includes game consoles, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and wearables) will reach one hour and 47 minutes in 2022 and rise through 2024. As a result, advertisers are ramping up their spend on Connected TV—in 2022, US advertisers will spend $18.89 billion on CTV, up 33.1% over last year. While this is still less than that of linear TV, the gap is getting smaller by the year. 

To see the rest of the headlines that caught our eye this week, check out the roundup below.  


Why Values-Based Buying Is the Next Generation of Media – We live in a complex world with many competing arguments for how to create a better society. Brands play an important role in forming and redefining cultural norms and values.

Influencer Measurement a Hurdle for Beauty, Fashion and Luxury – Lack of unifying metric and self-grading influencers among problems, according to a report out of Publicis Sapient and Launchmetrics.

3 Tips to Maximize Automation’s Potential With a Human Touch – It’s no secret that automation’s role in media buying is rapidly increasing. And while investing in the same solutions as your competitors may be enough to keep up with them, it isn’t enough to get ahead.

Simpleview Releases 2022 State of Digital Marketing Report – The results are in for the first State of Digital Marketing survey conducted by Simpleview. The study reveals the challenges, allocation of resources, and most effective channels for digital marketing in this industry. 

The Benefits of Automation for Digital Marketing – It is no secret that the world has changed drastically in the last few decades. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. But it’s not all bad news! 

In Uncertain Times, a ‘Play It Safe’ Strategy for Brands Will Be Anything But – As we head into the back half of this year, there seems to be little doubt that the advertising industry, along the rest of the U.S. economy, is bracing for some headwinds.

How Marketing Leaders Can Steer Their Brands Through Inflation – Marketers have the opportunity to not only curb inflationary pressures, but to also come out ahead as leaders in the industry by making the right performance improvements with the right marketing resources and tools.


Connected TV Poised To Gain US Viewership and Advertiser Interest – Connected TV (CTV) is expected to pick up US viewership as consumers access ad-supported and subscription streaming services, making the space fertile ground for advertisers.

Launch on CTV with the Ease of a New Social Channel – Change can be scary. But social marketers don’t need to fear the newest channel for B2B. Connected TV is an essential tool to differentiate your B2B business and with its digital roots, it’s an easy one to implement.

Debunking 3 Misconceptions Keeping Midsize Advertisers From Investing In CTV – CTV is booming. Yet, many midsize advertisers are hesitant to participate. Some of them think CTV CPMs are too high and their budgets aren’t big enough to make an impact, or that there’s a shortage of premium inventory available. But here is where they are wrong. 

AVOD: The Rise of Ad-Funded Streaming – Netflix’s announcement in April that it has hit an apparent subscriber wall sent out shockwaves, prompting many to question how attractive and profitable the streaming model can be. But suggestions of a streaming crash are premature.

Streamers Are Embracing a Brave New World of Ads. Will Consumers? – After this year’s NewFronts saw Peacock and Amazon introduce virtual product placement, Roku and Walmart have partnered for an attempted leap forward in e-commerce, allowing viewers to purchase advertised products directly from their TVs. 


The Evolving Conversation on Health and Wellness – As more and more consumers integrate health and wellness practices into their daily lives, they also share their feelings passionately online in spaces they trust. At the same time, brands are expanding how they participate and engage with consumers in the space.

Zib Digital on Building a Marketing Strategy for Tik Tok – As the popularity of Tik Tok continues to grow around the world, Tik Tok presents businesses with a unique advertising opportunity.

How Wi-Fi Will Unlock the True Potential of Location-Based Mobile Marketing – Most people check their smartphones around 56 times per day, and spend the majority of that time (86%) on apps. Mobile marketers have an opportunity to capitalize on this behavior ith location-based strategies. 

Optimizing for External & Internal Influences – As mobile developers and marketers, we can’t control the externalities that affect our campaigns, but we can adapt to them. As the adage goes, the only thing that stays constant in life is change. This equally applies to the mobile marketing landscape.

McDonald’s Stakes Out Virtual Summer Camp in Mobile App – McDonald’s virtual camp experience is another indication that the fast-food chain views its mobile app as a linchpin to winning the hearts of Gen Z. 


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.