B2B Brands Can Do WHAT? How CTV Rewrites the Rules of ABM

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What This Session Is About

ABM is more than just another marketing acronym — it’s a lifeline for B2B marketers looking to increase ROI, nurture sales prospects, and align sales and marketing. Now recent CTV advancements like CRM uploading and affinity-based targeting are rewriting the ABM playbook, breathing new life into marketing strategies for B2B brands of all sizes, including small-to-medium ones.

Join Jon Zucker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he leads you through the latest CTV innovations and strategies — including some you may have missed — that are helping SMBs reach valuable prospects, generate demand, and shorten sales cycles. Jon will show how the channel is rewriting the rules of effective ABM strategies, best practices and examples of them in action, and how getting on CTV takes your brand from TV-seen to the big scene.

B2B Brands Can Do WHAT? How CTV Rewrites the Rules of ABM

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