March Adness: CTV’s Latest Trends Are On Fire

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What This Session Is About

For years, Connected TV has been an easy layup for performance marketers looking to harness the power of television. But like all cutting-edge digital tools — or college basketball prodigies — CTV has no ceiling. It has continued to introduce significant innovations that help fuel growth efficiency, new customer acquisition strategies, and measurement capabilities that accurately prove campaign success. So where does all this leave the current state of CTV advertising?

Join MNTN and eMarketer as they go around the horn on the latest advertising trends in CTV — and how you can make them actionable. Using hard data pulled from MNTN Research, we’ll provide tips for navigating a fragmented landscape, demonstrate how you can be at the forefront of the latest innovations, and give real-world examples from a successful brand using CTV to sink buckets (of performance, that is).

March Adness: CTV’s Latest Trends Are On Fire

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