To Boldly Go Where The Demand Is At: Engaging B2B on Connected TV

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What This Session Is About

What’s one thing Trekkies and B2B marketers have in common? They both love data. And while marketers don’t need to know deep-cut trivia on the USS Enterprise’s favorite android, they certainly want stone cold stats and insights on B2B marketing. So here’s a freebie: 90% of B2B buyers will always go with who they already know. And what’s the best way to become one of those brands “they already know”? By boldly going where few B2B marketers have gone before: Connected TV.

Join MNTN and Demand Gen Report for a webinar where we’ll take you through data-backed, first-party insights from ourselves (and our clients) that show why Connected TV is the demand gen machine every B2B marketer needs in their mix. We’ll dive into real-world examples on how CTV’s key features, like precision audience targeting and attribution, can get fully measurable B2B ads in front of the right buyers. We’ll also discuss why placing Connected TV at the anchor point of your omnichannel strategies can help accelerate all your B2B marketing efforts so they, you know, live long and prosper.

To Boldly Go Where The Demand Is At: Engaging B2B on Connected TV

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