MNTN Introduces Creative-as-a-Subscription™

MNTN Introduces Creative-as-a-Subscription™

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LOS ANGELES, December 6, 2021 – MNTN, the award-winning marketing software platform, today introduced Creative-as-a-Subscription (CaaS) following its recent merger with Ryan Reynolds’ advertising hot shop Maximum Effort. 

MNTN’s self-service platform has transformed connected TV advertising by making it as simple and accessible as paid search and social – empowering marketers to launch and measure campaigns that focus on driving performance. With the introduction of CaaS, MNTN is removing traditional barriers to TV creative, giving marketers easy access to produce great TV creative without investing in anything but their media goals. 

“The process of creating and distributing TV ads can be fractured and frustrating,” said MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, “Creative-as-a-Subscription is a solution to this very real pain point, a way for brands to get great creative on the fastest-growing performance TV platform in a way that’s simple and affordable.”

As the explosion of streaming TV consumption continues, CaaS aims to accelerate the adoption of Connected TV as a performance marketing channel.                                                                      

MNTN Chief Creative Officer Ryan Reynolds added, “I genuinely love marketing but I don’t think it has to be so overloaded with overthink, data deluge and process.  That’s what CaaS is. A simpler, faster and hopefully funner way to get great creative with less of the soul-sucking parts. For about 20 years, the advertising discussion has been around digital and data with TV creatives feeling a bit antiquated. MNTN has built a software platform that embraces digital and data for TV, and now we have a new way to think about, and build, creative.”

CaaS is for any brand. Customers can work with agencies and production companies that MNTN has struck partnerships with or with their own existing agencies of record. MNTN is actively growing this network. Brands spending a significant amount on MNTN can choose to have their ads and production done by Maximum Effort.


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