10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

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There are millions of Shopify stores worldwide. But it can be hard to stand out from the digital crowd, even if you have a beautiful site layout and an incredible product on your hands. As you look for ways to win over new customers, retain existing ones, and boost your sales, making use of the right Shopify app will make all the difference. 

With that in mind, here’s a look at ten of the best Shopify apps to increase sales:

1. MNTN Performance TV

Use Case: Building Connected TV advertising campaigns to reach your target audience

How it Works: We’re biased on this one, of course, but the MNTN app and its Performance TV software transform TV into a highly targeted performance marketing channel, one that can sit right alongside paid search and social. The MNTN Shopify app enables store owners to easily target and reach their ideal customers based on geography, demographics, interests, shopping habits, and more. 

MNTN’s intuitive interface makes campaign launches easy, and its robust measurement tools offer deep insights into sales, website visits, and key marketing metrics like return on ad spend and cost per acquisition, demonstrating the impactful reach and precision of modern TV advertising.

Download the MNTN App on Shopify

2. Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards

Use Case: Creating customized rewards and loyalty programs to encourage repeat customers

How it Works: Many of your favorite big-name stores have customer loyalty programs. And now your Shopify store can, too. The Yotpo app lets you create your own rewards program, even if you don’t know how to code. Additionally, you can use the in-app analytics to evaluate the success of your existing programs and make any needed changes.

Download the Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards App on Shopify

3. Shogun Landing Page Builder

Use Case: Creating visually striking landing pages and targeted customer experiences

How it Works: The world of commerce has been steadily moving away from brick-and-mortar storefronts. And that means having an attractive digital storefront is more important than ever. Shogun’s digital editor lets you create one-of-a-kind landing pages, blog posts, and other web pages. It also lets you A/B test for better conversions and create different displays for different customer segments.

Download the Shogun Landing Page Builder App on Shopify

4. OptinMonster Email Popups

Use Case: Increasing conversions via specific email campaigns, discount wheels, and more

How it Works: Looking to increase conversions in general? OptinMonster handles the work of several apps in one — it’s a veritable Swiss Army knife for that. You can use it to create targeted upselling and cross-selling campaigns, bring customers back to their abandoned carts with personalized discounts, persuade site visitors to stay with exit-intent popups, and entice on-the-fence visitors to buy with things like fun discount wheels.

Download the OptinMonster App on Shopify

5. Octane AI: Advanced Quiz Maker

Use Case: Designing quizzes for shoppers to take to determine what products are right for them

How it Works: With Octane AI, you can create visually striking quizzes for your shop visitors that, in turn, recommend particular products. For example, if you’re an online skincare shop, you could set up a quiz for customers to take a short quiz for recommendations on the cleansers that’ll work best for their skin type.

Download theOctane AI: Advanced Quiz Maker App on Shopify

6. Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots

Use Case: Offering customer support solutions like AI chatbots, human-powered chats, and help-ticketing systems

How it Works: One reason why e-commerce has proven to be so popular is its immediacy. If your customers have a problem, they want to solve it as quickly as possible. But you can’t be available 24/7. Tidio, on the other hand, lets customers get in touch instantly by giving your store its own chatbot for answering basic customer questions. For more complex issues, customers can send a message through the intuitive help ticket system.

Download the Tidio App on Shopify

7. Bulk Discount Code Bot

Use Case: Creating personalized, one-time discount codes so customers can’t re-use leaked codes

How it Works: Whether you want to offer buy-one-get-one deals, limited-time offers, personalized savings, or any other kind of discount, this app is essential. When you repeatedly use the same discount codes, your customers may leak them, ultimately costing you more. But the Bulk Discount Code Bot can deliver nearly endless discount codes in a few clicks, ensuring a unique entry each time.

Download the Bulk Discount Code Bot App on Shopify

8. EasyRoutes Local Delivery

Use Case: Planning and optimizing local product deliveries

How it Works: If your store does local delivery, EasyRoutes is a bona fide keeper. Customers trust companies that keep them informed, and EasyRoutes lets you send customers tracking updates on their deliveries. The app also streamlines things on your end, allowing you to optimize routes for efficiency, dispatch drivers, and capture photos for proof of delivery. When customers get exactly what they ordered, get it quickly, and receive updates along the way, they’re likely to purchase from your business again.

Download the EasyRoutes Local Delivery App on Shopify

9. Nextsale

Use Case: Notifying site visitors of new reviews and purchases to encourage sales

How it Works: Social proof is critical to e-commerce success, and Nextsale helps you leverage it. If you’ve ever been to a site with continuously updating pop-ups that start with “Someone bought[…]!” you have an idea of how it works. That’s not all, though. Countdown timers and other “urgency tools” can nudge indecisive visitors toward making a purchase.

Download the Nextsale App on Shopify

10. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Use Case: Selecting your top-converting reviews and showing them off to shoppers

How it Works: Most people read reviews before making a purchase. But as a store owner, you can’t control which reviews they see first. That is, of course, unless you have Stamped. This app collects some of your products’ top reviews and then displays them for customers considering a product. Shoppers will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to go digging for reviews, and you can rest assured that they’ll see high-quality and largely positive reviews first.

Download the Stamped App on Shopify

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales: Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of Shopify apps to increase sales out there. But knowing which one is right for your store will ultimately depend on your goals. If you want streamlined customer service solutions, Tidio can help. Consider going with OptinMonster to boost conversions. And if you want to expand your ad campaign beyond email and social media, go with MNTN Performance TV, the leader in streaming TV advertising

At the end of the day, there’s a whole world of future customers out there, and Shopify apps will help you find them.