Brand and Performance Marketing, Post-Pandemic CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Brand and Performance Marketing, Post-Pandemic CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week, there was a lot of industry news for marketers to follow. In digital marketing news, Adweek covered how a mix of performance marketing and branding is the best way for marketers to achieve success with their campaigns. Consumers are no longer just looking to have a transactional relationship with the brands they purchase from, and instead see brands as a representation of themselves. But the goal of any business is to generate revenue, so utilizing performance marketing to better track and measure campaign success will allow marketers to see how well their strategies are working. Ultimately Adweek suggests a mix of long-term branding and short-term performance when it comes to digital marketing. 

And in Connected TV news, as the U.S. begins moving towards a new normal now that the urgency of the pandemic is beginning to die down, many advertisers are attempting to see what the future of Connected TV advertising will look like. In a recent event from AdAge, industry leaders reviewed some of the major events that the industry has observed, including some major deals between media giants and the growing shift towards streaming. Following the news from sources like this will help marketers ensure that they are up-to-date on the many changes that are expected to take place in the world of Connected TV this year. 

Keep reading below to see the rest of the marketing headlines that made waves this week. 


Here’s How Brand and Performance Marketing Intersect – Companies no longer care primarily about simply achieving awareness—they want leads too.

The Importance of Having an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy – How effective a digital marketing strategy is will often be the difference between the success of a modern business and its downfall. Like anything that requires forward thinking, the more preparation and detail that can be put into these strategies the better.

Experiential Didn’t Die in 2020—It Went Fully Digital – For brands like Shake Shack, digital and physical touch points will continue to merge as recognition technology personalizes offers and experiences.

Just 4% Of People Are Happy To Be Tracked – But All Is Not Lost – The latest indictment of the old ways of digital came with the first reports from Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, which revealed that just 4% of frequent US app users had opted in to be tracked – as they now must do before app developers are allowed to monitor their online activity. 

Glossy Research: Event Marketing is Making a Comeback – New data from a Modern Retail and Glossy survey of retailers and brands found that 30% of respondents had already begun investing in event-based marketing campaigns over the last six months.


How Advertisers and Content Services Are Keeping Up With Modern Connected TV Audiences – Like television itself, the TV advertising space is evolving. This panel from the Variety Upfronts discusses succeeding in marketing for modern connected TV audiences.

Strategically Leveraging the Power of Connected Television – Streaming and connected TV devices exploded in 2020 as more consumers stayed home and cut the cord. In order to get full reach, brands cannot rest on just linear television buys alone – they must also lean into connected television. 

TV’s Upfronts Pitch for Advertisers: Shift More Spending to Digital – Networks leaned into the idea that they aren’t in the broadcast business so much as they are in the streaming business, competing with giants like Google, Netflix and Amazon. 

7 Post-Pandemic Lessons for the TV Industry – As TV begins a return to normal for 2021-22, thought leaders discuss what the future holds for the sector.

Amazon Will Buy MGM for Nearly $9 Billion – The tech giant acquired the Hollywood studio MGM for almost $9 billion in a deal announced Wednesday morning. The Wall Street Journal first broke the news of an imminent deal on Monday. 


Is Your Social Media Marketing Impressing the Board? – The board is becoming increasingly frustrated with meaningless metrics that don’t help to reach business goals or translate into revenue and it’s affecting their perception on the worth of digital marketing in general.

Users Can Now Hide Likes on Facebook and Instagram – Facebook and Instagram have announced that they are giving users the option of hiding their public like counts.  

Drop It Like It’s Hot on Instagram Shop – Instagram added a Drops destination to its Shop tab to feature the latest new products in a single destination. 

The In-Play Advertising Revolution – Mobile Marketing discusses the in-play advertising movement, the pandemic’s impact on the gaming sector, and the influx of ad tech startups with Adverty CEO Tobias Knutsson. 

Mobile Marketers Intensify Focus on Contextual Signals Amid Privacy Changes – Mobile advertisers expect to spend more in content environments with overt context signals, as 70% say context has become more important, per a survey of 252 advertisers that business intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions emailed to Marketing Dive.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.