Ryan Reynolds-Backed Firm MNTN Teams With David Lynch To Do a Super Bowl Commercial

Ryan Reynolds-Backed Firm MNTN Teams With David Lynch To Do a Super Bowl Commercial

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A small business can’t usually afford a television commercial, much less a Super Bowl ad that costs $7 million for 30 seconds. But Ryan Reynolds wants to change that. More specifically, the adtech company where Reynolds serves as chief creative officer, MNTN, the self-described “Google Ad Words for TV,” does. MNTN ran the same ad for a neighborhood stationery store in Missoula, Montana called Noteworthy both on the local broadcast of the Super Bowl and on its own platform, where the commercial appeared on a variety of streamers such as Peacock and Sling TV. The difference between a local television ad buy and MNTN’s platform is the latter comes with reams of data, MNTN CEO Mark Douglas told Fortune.

Advertisers just get a better understanding of how effective their ad spend was using MNTN or another platform. Noteworthy’s Super Bowl ad, narrated by Missoula native David Lynch, the film director known for arthouse classics including Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, reached 259,956 households and was viewed 404,650 times, which led to 221 total visits to its website. The ad aired on linear TV reached about 30,000 viewers but the rest of the ad’s impact was a black box. Both the ad buys on MNTN and the local Missoula broadcast cost $10,000, according to MNTN.

By working with small businesses, MNTN, which gained Reynolds as a chief creative officer in 2021 when it acquired his digital marketing agency, Maximum Effort, sees itself as opening up a new market for companies that didn’t used to do television advertising. “MNTN brings in advertisers who have never advertised on TV before, which increases the size of the ad market” [for streamers], Douglas told Fortune in an email.

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