Broadcasters and CTV, Memorial Day Shoppers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Broadcasters and CTV, Memorial Day Shoppers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Within the world of marketing, industry news sometimes seems like it moves at the speed of light. To make it easier to stay on top of all the headlines, we created this weekly marketing news roundup.

First up in digital marketing news, Memorial Day weekend is upon us. This weekend traditionally marks the start of summer with a flurry of BBQs, poolside activities, and sales. According to a new article from Adweek, 47% of Americans intend to make purchases during the Memorial Day sales this weekend. While only 40% of consumers say that they buy products during Memorial Day weekend that they typically wouldn’t, that percentage increases to more than 70% among those consumers who have encountered advertising. And with the increased inflation of the last month or so, Adweek predicts that shoppers will be even more interested in getting a good Memorial Day deal on big ticket items. 

In Connected TV news, it looks like 2022 will be the last year that Linear TV can tout itself as the top ad channel. According to eMarketer, the number of American users watching AVOD will surpass 140 million in 2022, up 8.6% YoY. And advertisers are taking notice of this shift—the source estimates a 33.1% increase in Connected TV advertising revenues for 2022. But the money exiting this channel won’t go very far. Many TV watchers are just shifting their behavior from one source to another on the same device. As a result, those ad dollars will likely remain with the same companies. After all, most of the most popular Connected TV apps and channels are owned by TV broadcasters. Ultimately, companies like Paramount (which owns Pluto TV) and Fox (which owns Tubi) can expect to continue to grow their ad revenues through their investments in Connected TV. 

Read the rest of the news that caught our attention in the list below. 


How Brands and Artists Work Together in the Metaverse – With promises of the metaverse making headlines worldwide, defining where your brand fits in this rapidly evolving landscape is more important now than ever before. 

Creative Commerce Is at the Center of Industry Change – The recent Lions State of Creativity Study reported that over half of the brands and agencies surveyed saw securing talent, skills and capabilities as the most challenging aspect of transformational creativity to deliver on. 

Opinion: Don’t Underestimate the Market Power of 50-Plus Consumers – Marketers planning their next campaign should turn their attention to the enduring strength of consumers age 50 and older, who have maintained their financial stability throughout the pandemic.  

How Instacart Is Using Shoppable Videos To Prove It Can Drive Brand Sales – The company is adding more features to its ad platform, such as shoppable video, to try to cater to more brands and increase customers’ basket sizes.

The Cookieless Future Calls for Reinvestment in Customer Relationship Management – Every intelligent marketer throws terms like “data activation” around freely. But what does data activation mean? And where does it get applied? 

Young Consumers Poised To Make Their Memorial Day Spending Mark – Memorial Day marks our cultural start of the summer season, as Americans gather around grills, seek out beaches and pools—and more than anything, dive into the weekend’s inevitable panoply of sales. 


The TV Upfronts in a New Streaming World – As the TV landscape has changed, so too have the upfronts. This year’s upfronts saw a shift in focus to a reach story as the core players split their attentions between their streaming offerings and the legacy linear world. 

Broadcasters Benefit From Ad Dollar Shift to Digital TV – With rising ad prices and declining audiences, 2022 will be linear TV’s last year as the preeminent ad channel. Much of the money exiting this format won’t go very far.

Lionsgate Misses Revenue, Profit Targets For Fiscal Q4, But Streaming A Bright Spot As Subscriber Level Hits 35.8M – Streaming was a silver lining for Lionsgate on Thursday in an otherwise downbeat report of its fiscal fourth quarter results, which was released Thursday and showed revenue and earnings below Wall Street expectations.

In-Content Ads Are Having a Moment—Brands Will Need to Make Smart Investments – Whether it was traditional media powerhouse NBCU, technology behemoth Amazon or living room stalwart Roku, nearly every presentation at this year’s NewFronts spent more time on ways for marketers to get inside the content than on the 30-second spots that surround it.

How to Make an Ad Go Viral (It’s Easier Than You Think) – Ads are being watched more than ever, and brands are scrambling to keep up with demand. The good news? More eyes on your ad means more opportunities for it to grab a popular following – if you’re thinking strategically.

NFL Streaming Service Expected To Launch in July – The NFL is officially tossing its hat into the streaming ring, with a subscription service dubbed NFL+. Its launch date is expected sometime in July, Sports Business Journal (SBJ) reports. 


AppsFlyer’s Adam Smart on How Marketers Should Adapt to a Changing Mobile Landscape – Adam Smart is Director of Product, Gaming at AppsFlyer – the mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. Econsultancy chatted with Adam to find out more about his role, plus his opinion on growing ad formats, data measurement, and user privacy.

Here’s What Was Trending at Social Media Week 2022 – Marketers, executives, social media managers and creators gathered together this month for the 14th annual Social Media Week to explore three themes: collaborative creativity, converging experiences and marketing in the age of ownership. 

Meta Slams Apple in Anti-Tracking Airing of Grievances – Here are the social media giant’s issues with Apple’s control over the mobile app ecosystem.

Will Apple’s Privacy Positioning Remake Digital Marketing? – In a new ad that launched last week, Apple highlights its privacy features by imagining the sale of a consumer’s data in a real-world, high-stakes auction.

7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Mobile Apps – Mobile apps can build loyal customer bases, provide insightful customer data and more. Businesses should understand the many ways these apps can enhance CX.

Twitter Shareholder Sues Elon Musk for Tanking the Company’s Stock – A new lawsuit on behalf of Twitter shareholders was filed against Elon Musk in federal district court in San Francisco on Wednesday night, alleging that the Tesla CEO has actively manipulated the company’s stock for personal gain.


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.