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Get To Know Connected TV’s Built-In Brand Safety

Get To Know Connected TV’s Built-In Brand Safety

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The internet is an unparalleled resource filled with opportunities to learn, connect, create, and share. But, as we all know, there’s another side, too. The side that makes us question why we’re still reading the comment section, even though we know it made us lose our hope in humanity about 30 replies ago. 

These collective bad experiences have fragmented audiences across the digital sphere, creating more than a few headaches for advertisers. Some of the marketing world’s all-time favorite digital channels seem less and less safe for brands to air their ads on — so what can we do? 

Recently, MNTN’s Brittany Haskins, Director of Customer Success, and Breanna Johnson, Senior Customer Success Manager, joined Ad Age to discuss how brands can use Connected TV (CTV) to ensure brand safety within their digital marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of their conversation: 

What Makes Connected TV Safe for Your Ads?

Television has an advantage other ad channels don’t possess: it’s loaded with regulatory oversight. While this wasn’t the intended purpose, it has created a brand-safe environment for advertisers. 

With an inherently brand-safe channel in your marketing strategy, you can spend less time worrying about what your ad is viewed alongside and more time crafting the perfect experience for your audience segments. 

Don’t get us wrong — we love social media. And it absolutely (obviously!) has a place in every digital marketing strategy. But the truth is, we don’t really know where our ads will land on social. They appear alongside organic content to make them more engaging — it’s why they’re so effective — but advertisers can’t control what content their ads will be paired with. Because of this, brands could be landing alongside explicit, divisive, or otherwise unappealing content, which creates an experience neither brands nor consumers will enjoy. 

Making Performance TV Work for Your Brand 

Many marketing teams are nervous about using Performance TV — and we get it. In the past, roadblocks have prevented brands from achieving their goals on CTV. Today, however, we have access to resources, tools, and partners that can all help us achieve performance on this digital channel. Let’s dive into some common concerns we hear about regarding CTV: 

New Ad Creative 

One common concern we hear about is CTV creative. While this may have been a barrier in the past, brands no longer need to craft completely new creative for every single TV advertising campaign

Through repurposed content and post-production edits, your marketing team can revise existing assets to fit the CTV ad specs and placements. With the included brand safety, you know your ad creative is landing alongside high-quality content (and putting your brand in its best light). 

New Strategies 

Another concern first-time TV advertisers have is that they’re afraid they’ll need to create a brand new strategy for CTV. But the beauty of CTV is that you can start with the basics you’re already using for your other digital channels. 

CTV has the DNA of digital advertising, which means you can use your search and social media strategies on the platform and then optimize as you learn more about what works. When you combine already existing strategies with the prestige of television, you’ll be able to reach your target audiences while they watch their favorite shows. 

Insights and Reporting 

With linear TV, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly how your ads are performing. But CTV platforms come with detailed reporting to let you know which creative is moving the needle for your brand and which creative needs to be updated. 

MNTN’s platform, in particular, allows you to hone in on all of your audiences through different strategies. For example, with a pixel, you can retarget first-party audiences with more personalized campaigns. 

Detailed insights and reporting allow you to craft an informed marketing strategy, optimize your campaigns with leading creative, and reach all of your target audiences with consumer-specific messaging. 

Focusing on Brand Safety in Digital Marketing

While television advertising might have been difficult in the past, CTV makes it a fully measurable performance channel. With brand-safe content, precision targeting, and unskippable ads, you can connect with your target audiences while their eyes are already glued to their favorite show. 
Ready to learn more about the brand safety of CTV? Watch the full webinar here.