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Hot Off the Press

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April has arrived, and as the weather starts to heat up, so has our content! First up, Connected TV made waves this year at the Oscars, with Apple TV’s “CODA” becoming the first streamer to win best picture. We took a look at what it means that CTV is now the place to go to see the most prestigious movies of the year.  Speaking of prestige, another MNTN blog covers how employers are taking advantage of the power and reach of television to attract candidates amid The Great Resignation.. And with spring fully underway, it’s time for marketers to gear up for the biggest events of the season, starting with our Mother’s Day Guide, where we analyzed last year’s Mother’s Day Connected TV ad campaigns to share trends and insights to inform your campaigns this year. Also on the horizon is graduation season, so we took a look at the opportunities awaiting brands this year—and how marketers can start capitalizing on them today.

On the webinar front, MNTN experts recently spoke to Digiday on the topic of ad fatigue, and how brands can ensure their video creative stays fresh and generates results. Watch the replay to learn how to implement a data-driven creative approach that unlocks creative refreshes when they’re needed most.

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At This Year’s Oscars, Connected TV Was the Star

The Academy Awards is undoubtedly Hollywood’s biggest night, and this year there was no star brighter than Connected TV.

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How Connected TV is Aiding Talent Teams Amid the Great Resignation

Could TV advertising be the next ‘Help Wanted’ ad? Learn how companies are turning their attention to television advertising as a recruitment driver.

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Data-Driven Refreshes: How To Stop Video and CTV Ad Fatigue

Watch as MNTN and QuickFrame experts detail the science behind refreshing video and CTV creative.

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How To Create a Top-of-Class Campaign for Graduation Season

From graduates to supportive friends and family, here is your guide to creating campaigns that reach a higher level.

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How Connected TV Unlocks Mother’s Day Marketing Opportunities.

In this guide, we analyzed last year’s Mother’s Day Connected TV advertising campaigns to share insights to set your campaigns up for success this season.

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