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Hot Off the Press

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We’re about halfway through Q3, and the summer season is still going strong. That makes it the perfect time to start making headway to prepare for all of the shopping holidays happening later this year. First up, with in-person attendance in school back in full swing, our back-to-school guide will give you all the resources you need to make this season another one for the books. Then, if you (like many other marketers) are already getting ready for the holiday season, take a gander at our Performance TV Guide to Q4, which covers everything from earlier than usual consumer spending, to the rise of online marketplaces. Also in the content lineup, our Director of Content & Research at MNTN, Tim Edmundson, shares some of the top takeaways from our MNTN Research organization from analyzing over 10+ million hours worth of ads. .

Of course, we can’t neglect what’s happening in the wider industry, so we broke down Roku’s Q2 earnings report and what it means for Connected TV ad budgets We finish off our round up with the hottest demo ever, where MNTN CCO Ryan Reynolds challenged Steve-O to set up a CTV campaign for his hot sauce brand—while eating a Carolina Reaper pepper (which has a score of over 1.5 million on the Scoville heat index). To see how it went, check out the link below.

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Why Roku’s Earnings Tell a Bigger Story of Ad Budgets

One of streaming’s top players released their Q2 earnings report, with slowing revenue growth despite a growing subscriber base. Here’s our take on the matter.

Read the blog post here.

Ryan Reynolds and Stevo-O in MNTN’s Hottest Demo Yet

Ryan Reynolds, CCO of MNTN, recently tasked Steve-O with getting his own CTV ad set up for his hot sauce on MNTN Performance TV.

Watch the video here.

The Performance TV Guide to Back-to-School 2022

Back-to-school is back in business. Last year’s combined back-to- school spending broke records, and this season we’re anticipating another big one.

Funnel Fuel: CTV Proves a Successful Performance Marketing Channel

 Tim Edmundson recently sat down with eMarketer to discuss insights gathered from MNTN Research’s analysis of 10M+ hours of CTV advertising data.

Read the recap here.

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