Hot Off the Press – February

Let's talk Connected TV - Here's our latest MNTN content snapshot.

Hot Off the Press – February

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It might feel like we just started 2022, but somehow it’s already mid-February! And in that time we have created plenty of content for you to check out. In our thought leadership series, we cover how updated measurement, new and expanded audience targets, and strong branding are part of marketers’ playbooks this year as they look for new and creative ways to make an impact. Next up in our content lineup—just because New Year’s resolution season is over doesn’t mean health and wellness isn’t top of mind (the industry is estimated to double its growth annually in the upcoming years). With that said, we continue to explore unique segments in this space, with audiences such as “Healthy Holistics” and “Travel Vacation” to include in your upcoming campaign planning.

On the webinar front, tune into experts at MediaPost, Maximum Effort, MNTN, and QuickFrame and learn how to apply a “fastvertising” methodology, which delivers “Big Game” quality TV ads at scale without the high price tag and drives measurable results. We also partnered with MarketingProfs to showcase how B2B brands can utilize Connected TV advertising as a demand generation tool. 

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