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    Performance TV Retargeting

    Retarget Site Visitors on Connected TV.

    MNTN Performance TV combines the experience of television with the urgency, targeting, and timeliness of retargeting.

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      Include or Exclude 1st Party Audiences

      Campaign setup is simple

      Campaign Setup

      Step One

      Set Your Pixel

      Set up a MNTN campaign, then place the MNTN Pixel on your website.

      Target Your Audience

      Step Two

      Build Your Audience

      Once the pixel is live, any visitors to your site get added to the retargeting audience pool.

      Step Three

      Retarget Viewers

      Any user who visits your site is now eligible to receive Connected TV retargeting ads.

      Customer Success

      Lighting New York

      Home decor and design brand, Lighting New York, wanted a new way to retarget their users and leverage the power of Connected TV. MNTN helped them retarget high-value shoppers on CTV, web and mobile to maintain brand recall and drive results that surpassed their display-only retargeting efforts.

      Adding Connected TV into their direct-response ad strategy helped to drive home their message and better reinforce their brand story, which achieved 12.93X ROAS and a 15% average lift in channel performance compared to display retargeting alone.



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      A Complete Full-Funnel Strategy

      Keep your retargeting audience full with Connected TV prospecting campaigns powered by the Oracle Data Cloud — giving you access to countless audience segments to help fill your funnel.

      Learn More

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Advertising with MNTN Performance TV allows brands and agencies to reach their ideal audience with CTV advertising content streamed over smart TVs and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Performance TV ads are shown during premium, ad-supported shows provided by well-known networks. You can also reach viewers of your CTV ads when they’re on their computers and mobile devices using MNTN Audience Extension. Request a demo to learn more about advertising using MNTN Performance TV.

        Unlike traditional TV advertising, advertising with MNTN Performance TV is a true performance marketing channel for the following reasons:

        • You can target your ideal audience using audience segments from the Oracle Data Cloud, as well as retarget site visitors on premium networks and devices to advertise on CTV.
        • You can track your TV ad performance on both the MNTN platform and Google Analytics – a feature exclusive to Performance TV. Metrics include impressions, visit rate, revenue, ROAS, and many more. There’s no more guesswork when it comes to TV ad attribution, because MNTN Performance TV acts like any other digital performance channel. You can treat it exactly like you would paid search, social, or display. This is what makes your ads on CTV act as a true performance marketing channel.

        Request a demo today to learn more about MNTN Performance TV.

        MNTN offers Connected TV inventory on thousands of high-quality, brand-safe Connected TV networks and apps. Advertise to your hand-selected audience on networks such as the Food Network, CNN, ESPN and much much more. MNTN Performance TV ads are streamed on devices such as smart TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, and Android TV. Request a demo today to learn more about MNTN Performance TV.

        With MNTN, you can quickly launch your own MNTN Performance TV advertising campaigns from a single platform. You can upload your creative, select your audience, set your budget & goal, run your campaign and see the results, all from the MNTN platform. Request a demo today to start advertising on CTV.

        Good question, there are several differences between MNTN Performance TV and paid search advertising. Let us break it down for you.

        MNTN Performance TV advertising works by allowing you to select your target audience with either 1st or 3rd party audience data while paid search primarily works by selecting keywords that your target audience may be searching for on search engines. Because it may be difficult to select the right keywords that may convert, selecting an audience using buyer intent signals and previous behavior patterns using MNTN Performance TV advertising may help complement your media mix.

        Traditionally, paid search visit costs are calculated using a cost per click metric, while a visit from a viewer who saw your MNTN Performance TV ad then visits your website is called a “site visit.” Terminology aside, these two metrics are most comparable to each other and MNTN Performance TV has been able to deliver a cost per site visit comparable to that of non-branded paid search, roughly within the range of $2 – $12.

        Media and Delivery
        Paid search is typically displayed as a plain text ad to users who searched using a search term that you are bidding on. The text ad is then served on search engine results above and below other paid and organic listings.

        On the other hand, MNTN Performance TV advertising brings your messaging to life through the use of your own video creatives. Your TV commercial is unskippable and streamed on premium networks and devices while users are engaged in viewing their favorite shows and movies.

        With MNTN Performance TV, you are able to report on your advertising similar to paid search reporting. You can see metrics such as impressions, site visit rate, cost, revenue, and ROAS on the network and audience level. All of this data is available in both Google Analytics and on the MNTN Advertising Suite. The ability to track the effect and performance of TV commercials is now available with MNTN Performance TV.

        Request a demo today to learn about your new performance marketing channel, MNTN Performance TV.

        Yes, you can. This is one of the major benefits of advertising with MNTN Performance TV, ease of use and portability of your existing creatives. Request a demo today to learn more about launching MNTN Performance TV campaigns.

        There are two terms that refer to the same thing: OTT and Connected TV. OTT is an older term and stands for Over The Top, meaning content doesn’t require a cable subscription, but rather goes “over the top” of a cable box and streams directly. Connected TV acts the same, thus they are different terms for the same thing. Learn more about our OTT advertising here.

        Yes, MNTN has curated the most frequently asked questions regarding Connected TV advertising technology. Get the CTV Terminology Cheat Sheet here.

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