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MNTN + Quora Digest

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With the rise of Connected TV advertising, marketers need to learn a lot about the fastest growing ad channel—and quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled the top questions and answers from Quora, where experts address complex questions, into a digest for a quick breakdown on what marketers need to know most. See what marketers are asking, and what the experts have to say.

Top Quora Q&As

Q. What is the best DSP for a Connected TV/OTT?

A. There is no need to use a DSP for Connected TV when there’s a better solution out there that will provide an even bigger payoff with less of the legwork. MNTN has been in digital marketing circles for a decade now, and is one of the pioneers of Connected TV (CTV), after seeing its value as an advertising platform.

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Q. Which ad formats (in stream, in app etc) will be more successful in connected TV advertising?

A. In-stream is the winning ad format for Connected TV (CTV) advertising, with one caveat – as long as it is viewed on television. Not all CTV ad platforms are built the same, and here’s why.

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Q. Do commercials on TV and ads online really work?

A. Yes, they do – and neither of these are going away anytime soon. eMarketer predicts that by 2023, global digital ad spend will top $517 Billion, which is 61% of total media ad spend and tipping the balance that was once evenly split between digital and traditional advertising.

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Q. What is the major difference in viewership between Over The Top (OTT) advertising and traditional advertising?

A. OTT advertising (also known as Connected TV or CTV) is an on-demand platform. Viewers choose when, where and how they view television content (as well as the advertising segments between each channel). Viewership numbers are made up of equal parts targeting, TV networks, ad experience and measurability.

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Q. What does programmatic advertising mean in 2020?

A. While programmatic advertising had previously only included digital channels like social media, search engine and display, this year TV has made its presence known. The proof is in the growing amount of ad dollars being shifted to Connected TV, which is forecasted to hit over 14 Billion by 2023.

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