Navigating the Sea of AI Solutions in 2023

Navigating the Sea of AI Solutions in 2023

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If you haven’t heard about artificial intelligence (AI) at this point in 2023, we’re equal parts concerned about and proud of you. But if you have, you might feel like you’re swimming in a sea of AI solutions. While so many helpful tools might not sound like a problem, it can be hard to know what you actually need to know and what’s just hype. 

Recently, Oliver Embry, Director of Product Innovation at MNTN, joined the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to discuss what AI solutions you can use today. Let’s explore some key points of the conversation and learn how to streamline your work life with the latest tech. 

Make the Robots Do the Heavy Lifting

If you feel like the robots are taking over, you’re definitely not alone. But we believe AI is a means to streamline roles and make our lives a little bit easier. Here are some ways we believe it can help: 

Concept Brainstorming

If you’re stuck on where to start, put the robots to work! 

You can use AI to assist with concept brainstorming, which can save you time, money, and brain power. Instead of hashing out those first five (let’s be honest, terrible) ideas in a meeting that should’ve been an email, you can (to some degree) skip to the more applicable ideas. Especially in a time where purpose-built creative is key to effectively reaching your audience, this extra help can give your team the necessary creative boost. 

While this isn’t a magic end to brainstorming sessions, it can help optimize your time. With starting points, you can iterate the ideas into specific concepts that are relevant to your brand. 

Drafting Narratives

Similarly, AI can also help you craft the initial version of your script. Whether you’re using voiceover or writing an entire script for actors, you can delegate the first draft. 

Notice this says drafting narratives — not writing them. This shouldn’t be the version you send out to the voiceover artist or that you hand out on set. Instead, use it as a starting point to refine and adjust as needed. You’ll need to make some tonal adjustments to your script, especially if you’re going for a conversational tone. AI often sounds like a robot (…because it is one) and we’re willing to guess your brand’s voice probably doesn’t. 

Quick Visualizations

Whether you’re making creative for Connected TV (CTV) or social media, it’s essential for everyone involved in production to be on the same page. By using AI to create quick visualizations or a draft of the storyboard early on in the project, you can make sure the entire team is aligned. 

This saves your team time in several different ways, including by minimizing the effort needed to draw up these initial visualizations. Plus, it eliminates significant edits later on in the process, which can help the project stay on its original timeline and within budget. 

Efficient Video Production

Teams can use AI to make the overall video production process more efficient. In addition to everything we’ve mentioned above, there are tons of other use cases for AI in video production. For example, certain platforms can carry your video assets across the finish line with quick edits, scene transitions, and final audio adjustments. By using the right tools, you can supplement and assemble the videos you already have. 

Get to Know MNTN VIVA 

While all of these solutions are incredible, we believe there should be a one-stop for AI video creation that helps brands quickly bring their visions to life. So we created one! VIVA allows users to create, mix, and remix elements like generative video and audio, stock footage, and their own existing assets. Sign up here to learn more about MNTN VIVA. 

Don’t Worry, Humans Still Need To Steer 

We’re not letting AI steer the marketing ship alone anytime soon — and you shouldn’t, either. 

While AI is a useful tool in the creative process, it needs marketers to lead it through effective directions, prompts, and edits. Like we mentioned above, whether you’re using AI to create a storyboard or a script draft, you’ll need the human touch to make it successful with your audience. 

Sailing the AI Seas Together 

AI is a resource for marketers — not a replacement. From concept brainstorming to finalizing video creative, AI can reduce the workload for your team and make video production as effective as possible. 

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