The New Holiday Normal, Political Ads on CTV & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The New Holiday Normal, Political Ads on CTV & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week has seen plenty of news updates in the world of digital, Connected TV, and mobile marketing. Here’s what’s been making headlines in the marketing industry.  

In digital marketing news, marketers are looking to finish planning their holiday marketing campaigns as the end of the year approaches. Thanks to the new normal, this year’s holiday season will not be business as usual. Media Post recommends that brands invest in multiple channels in order to make sure their ads are reaching customers despite their changing habits. Employing creative, flexible, and audience-first messaging will help marketers effectively convey information about holiday sales and promotions – while still being sensitive to their customer’s situations. 

In CTV marketing news, Americans are continuing to spend more time than ever streaming their favorite shows – and political advertisers seem to be following. Media Post reports that many of these political teams are looking to advertise on CTV’s premium, brand-safe environments in order to convey their campaign messages – instead of adopting user-generated content on social media into their campaigns, a platform that has seen some heavy backlash for political advertisers in the last few years. Campaigns that take advantage of the advanced targeting capabilities of Connected TV can create unique audience segments that will guarantee their ads are getting in front of the right people at the right time. 

These topics and more are making waves in the marketing world this week. Here are the top headlines that caught our eye. 


3 Key Tactics For D2C Marketers This Holiday Season – Talking about the holidays in September always feels a little strange, but planning ahead is more important, and challenging, than ever. These tactics are among the most powerful for direct-to-consumer brands.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Boost Your Brand Image – Businesses with deep pockets and access to global resources can build any brand they wish. But what kind of safe and reliable branding strategies are applicable to small businesses? 

Three Steps To Using Automation To Keep Personalized Digital Marketing Alive – Brands executing a digital-first or direct-to-consumer strategy must move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing and create messages that are relevant to a consumer’s moment and context. 

Report: 69% of B2B Marketers to Increase Digital Advertising Spend Amidst Pandemic – As B2B marketers look to strategize amidst the pandemic, new research suggests that they will be putting more of their budget toward digital advertising and email marketing to get by.


What CTV Offers Political Advertisers In The 2020 Election – CTV provides targeting within premium, brand-safe content not found on social media, with the agility not found on linear TV. This election, CTV is winning both eyeballs and political ad dollars.

Who is doing CTV and OTT right? With these 4 steps, it could be you – Instead of looking for reasons not to invest in any newer channels, it is time for brands to get in there and figure out what works for them. Data-driven channels such as CTV and OTT marketing platforms lend themselves to massive learning opportunities. 

Kids TV Viewing Lower On Legacy TV – Even In A Pandemic – For the last five weeks, kids cable networks were down more than 30%. Instead, kids have been immersing themselves in the digital world – with easy to navigate CTV platforms.

Should Your CTV Strategy Be Centered Around Mobile App Data? – Advertisers are taking a deeper look at the best ways to leverage CTV. With the majority of the population also on their smartphone shopping and ordering food while watching their favorite shows, mobile data should be a huge driver for their underlying CTV strategy.


The Growing Importance of Mobile Communication – As we navigate this new normal, customers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to communicate with businesses, and marketers need to get on the mobile communication bandwagon.

Mobile game marketing: A new frontline against ad fraud – Gaming – a safe and cost-effective means of entertainment – has seen a massive uptick in keeping consumers entertained and connected as the world increasingly pivots to the digital dimension.

Facebook pauses plan to stop Apple advertising ID tracking on iPhones – Following Apple’s decision to postpone a controversial privacy update, Facebook has paused its plans to stop collecting data from iPhone users.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.