The Results Are In…But Are They Good?

When testing new ad platforms, defining success is essential

The Results Are In…But Are They Good?

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From A to F, there is a clear system of feedback in school. For testing ad platforms? Not so much; it can be unclear what constitutes success. Sure a platform can provide conversions or site visits, but are those numbers “good”? Knowing how to evaluate your tests is as essential as the test itself.

Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at MNTN, will be joining MarTech to give his insights into how to evaluate new ad channels worthy of your investment. To learn more about how to evaluate whether to test—and if those tests were successful—register now.

Managing expectations is a key part of evaluation

The first step to creating an evaluation for testing begins with managing expectations. Varying ad channels have different strengths. Expecting lower funnel results from a channel built to increase brand awareness is setting your test up for failure. For example, if you decide to test Snapchat for your brand, don’t chalk it up to a failure when that campaign doesn’t drive many leads. Snapchat’s strength is in generating awareness so be sure to compare those key digital marketing KPIs with your other awareness-generating channels instead.

Performance channels can help optimize toward predetermined goals

When it comes to a performance channel, you’ll expect to see results (or dare we say…performance). From site visits to ROAS, these performance channels can deliver, but those goals need to be defined first. If you are launching a test on MNTN Performance TV, it’s important to determine your primary conversion action upfront. You can select a target CPA or target ROAS and from there the bidding algorithm will work to automatically optimize towards these goals. Performance channels make it easy to determine whether a test was successful as long as these goals are defined at the outset. Did your campaign reach your defined target CPA? If yes, then your test was a success!

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